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  1. I found personally that with START+SELECT to exit games it caused me issues. For example 4 players adding MAME credits or Pressing start could possibly quit games. I use both thumbsticks in for that. I would also recommend using MAME.exe to emulate MAME rather than the Retroarch Core but that is up to you of course.
  2. The above is an old thread but I found this which looks quite interesting: https://olistutorials.wordpress.com/2017/02/25/setting-up-pcem-for-windows-95-games/ Not tried it but I will do. Looks like you can set up a Voodoo card in there. I previously had some more modern Windows Games like Medal of Honour Allied Assault & Soldier of Fortune (classic!) set up in my previous GameEx Setup. Created a batch script that loaded the ISOs instead of using NoCD Cracks as I actually had the disks. Just ISO'd them and installed Daemon Tools (now full of adware): @echo off cls echo. SET INPUT1=%1 SET ROMFile=%INPUT1:~1,-1% set str=%ROMFile% set str=%str:.lnk=% If EXIST "%programfiles%\DAEMON Tools Lite\DTLite.exe" (SET mounter="%programfiles%\DAEMON Tools Lite\DTLite.exe") If EXIST "%programfiles(x86)%\DAEMON Tools Lite\DTLite.exe" (SET mounter="%programfiles(x86)%\DAEMON Tools Lite\DTLite.exe") SET isopath=Y:\PCGames\Games_Windows_ISOs If EXIST "%isopath%\%str%.ccd" (goto isCCD) If EXIST "%isopath%\%str%.cue" (goto isCUE) If EXIST "%isopath%\%str%.mds" (goto isMDS) If EXIST "%isopath%\%str%.iso" (%mounter% -mount dt,0,"%isopath%\%str%.iso") If EXIST "%isopath%\%str%.bin" (%mounter% -mount dt,0,"%isopath%\%str%.bin") If EXIST "%isopath%\%str%.img" (%mounter% -mount dt,0,"%isopath%\%str%.img") goto Exit :isCCD %mounter% -mount dt,0,"%isopath%\%str%.ccd" goto Exit :isCUE %mounter% -mount dt,0,"%isopath%\%str%.cue" goto Exit :isMDS %mounter% -mount dt,0,"%isopath%\%str%.mds" goto Exit :Exit ping -n 9 >NUL Worked quite well but was a bit of a pig to set up initially and certainly not portable with various Registry Keys etc. Abandoned it in the end but it did work. I still have the disks and CDs from some of my Windows 95 Games so it might be nice to see if that PCem emulator actually works.
  3. Hi There One of the things I do with my setup is that I have my Launchbox and Emulators on a Local SSD Drive but the Roms on my Server which are accessed via a symbolic link. I do this as although my gaming/launchbox drive is a 2TB SSD my full setup including the Roms is considerably larger. In my case I have this folder structure configured like this: G:\Emulators\Emulators - Emulators G:\Emulators\Launchbox - Launchbox G:\Emulators\Roms - Roms / Games This allows me to share the Roms on different HTPCs in my home as the rest of the setup files don't take up too much space. It also allows me to configure Emulators a little differently on a different less powerful machine (for example). So; I copy the Roms to my Server and share this. Say for arguments sake this share is: \\MyServer\Roms I can then and then create a "Symbolic Link" to the Roms like so: 1. Delete the local "G:\Emulators\Roms" folder as this is now located on the server 2. Open an Administrator Command Prompt. 3. I navigate to "G:\Emulators" directory which is where the "Roms" folder is configured in my case. 4. I then run this command to create a Symbolic Link to the "Roms" folder on my server: mklink /D "Roms" "\\MyServer\Roms" Browsing to that folder now and you will see the Roms as if they were on the "G" drive. In theory the Roms do not need to be on a server. They could be on a different drive; or anywhere really. If your games are located within the "Games" folder within the Launchbox directly then you can do the same with that folder as well. Or indeed with the "Images" folder as you have mentioned above. For example: mklink /D "Roms" "D:\Roms" mklink /D "Images" "D:\Images" Just ensure that you are in the correct folder within the Admin command prompt so that the link is created in that directory. Hope this helps
  4. What are you using as controllers? I would also try removing all USB Bluetooth based devices and try with the controllers connected by USB rather than Wireless. I have a new issue now with Micro Stuttering in modern games (not in Launchbox) so there may well be a windows update that is causing odd behaviour too. A fresh install of Windows may resolve that.
  5. Using a USB 3.1 Hub and have everything plugged into that. Everything is perfect now. 3.1 has more power available which I think helps.
  6. You got it man. I slowly plugged items back in and tested for a few days. I have had zero delay until...Corsair Dongle plugged into USB 2.0 Extension (for range) is the cause. What a b*stard! I'll plug it into it's own USB 3.0 Port and see how we get on.
  7. Thanks Neil I will test it a bit more when I get some more time and then perhaps start plugging stuff back in to confirm. The Corsair dongle was plugged into the USB 2.0 backplate in a Logitech dongle extension cable so perhaps I had complicated matters a bit lol...
  8. Ok so at work all seemed fine. It was when I brought it home it starting freezing up again. It's funny as it will load fine aside from the delays. The games would load too eventually. The only difference between work and home (same PC) was the amount of USB devices plugged in. At work I had my windows Xbox controller adapter and a Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse combo only. At home I have a Corsair K63 wireless dongle, Logitech gaming mouse dongle, aimtrak wide light sensor, infra red remote sensor and some other usb extensions as well as the other devices I had plugged in at work. I also have an older 4 port USB 2.0 header attached to the motherboard and some devices were plugged into that. Some of the dongles were even on extensions to give more range I unplugged everything except the Xbox wireless adapter, Logitech dongle and infra red remote sensor (media center). These 3 are all plugged into the motherboard USB ports only. It all seems to work so I think it's one of those other USB devices or the USB 2.0 header. Launchbox loads in about 20 seconds now. I will reboot a few times and keep testing in case it was a fluke.
  9. Yeah I was tempted to go back to windows 7 but support ends last year and I won't be able to play store games. I will find out what the issue is. Is there a logfile that can be populated in startup so I can see at which point it pauses?
  10. I have the same problem and I think it's definitely windows related (possibly Direct X). I say this because I also had the same issue loading the big box video, then launchbox (total 4-8 minutes) but I also had the same issue in Steam. I used this command to fix Steam "steam://flushconfig" which does work (and also seems to help LB as well) but then the problem comes back after some time (perhaps even after a reboot). Sometimes after a reboot it is fine for a while then starts freezing up (long delay) when launching games. Launchbox takes about 15 seconds to load (after the startup video) which is normal. I think Microsoft have truly screwed up Windows 10 in some recent updates. I installed Windows 10 Fresh today and I still have the same issue. My specs are: Windows 10 64Bit 32GB RAM ASUS Z270-A i7 7700K 1TB 970Pro NAND SSD for Operating System Samsung SSD for Emulated Game drive (G:) Nvidia 1080ti I think it should be able to handle Bubble Bobble. My LB installation is completely portable and when I run it on another machine (work - lol) it works fine so it's definitely nothing to do with Launchbox. My setup is a little different at home; in that my Launchbox and Emulators folders are local but I have a Symbolic Link to the Roms i.e. mklink /d "g:\Emulators\Roms" "\\<MyServer>\Emulators\Roms" I don't think that's the issue though. Windows defender is disabled. Weirdly it seemed OK initially after the Windows 10 re-install but the delay came back as soon as I plugged in all of my USB devices. I think it's a specific USB Device - most likely the controller or some other Human Interface Device. I have a lot of devices plugged in at home. Microsoft must have recently screwed with X-Input as my Turtle Beach Wireless headset no longer has sound for Division 2 and Gears 5 Audio has been screwed from the start with any Wireless headset. Before the re-install I removed GeForce Shadowplay which seemed to help but then (again) the delay came back. I'm still analysing and I'll let you know if I find the solution.
  11. Hi The only way I found to avoid the crap appearing is to use the Default LB options when importing the files. This means all textboxes checked. All I do is prioritise "World" (I think. It was a while ago) as the Default region as I am in the UK. Also ensure that games of the same name are combined (an option a little later on I think) to avoid all the different sets for the same game. You can always set a specific version (e.g. World or 4-player Version) of a game to be the default as well for individual games. LB also gives you the option in Big Box to launch a specific version. You could also try the "Consolidate Roms" option. That should clear out the multiple double dragons into one.
  12. I was also facing this problem. In the end I had changed so many settings in the emulator I was confused. I downloaded an older version (just a few weeks) and started from scratch. I have found that it happens when you set the emulator to "Start in Fullscreen". When I start it up windowed and then ALT+TAB it's fine. So; therefore I now run this AHK Script on start-up and it seems fine now: Sleep, 5000 Send, {ALT DOWN}{ENTER}{ALT UP} You may have to change the Sleep duration according to your setup. The above setting is 5 seconds before it sets it to fullscreen. In my case the Launching box starting window is still in the foreground so you actually don't see it. When you first set it up it creates a "yabause.ini" file and a "bkram.bin" file in your local appdata folder under your user profile. If you're like me and you want this portable then you can cut and paste these files into the same folder as the emulator and it becomes portable. I want everything to be portable so I ensure that the sat bios etc is all in a sub folder of the emulator as well so these can be referenced simply as "General\Bios=bios/Bios Saturn 1.01a (U) [!].bin" in the ini file. I attach my ini file for your reference. I am using version "yabasanshiro-2.8.1-e2696c.zip 2019/09/25" I think controller 2 still needs configuring and you may want to create a .bin fil for an action replay device. I just copied and pasted the bkram.bin and renamed it as areplay.bin and it will overwrite it when you set this up. Hope this helps as it was driving me nuts as well! 2rs wasted yabause.ini
  13. I found out that the ROMs I thought were "missing" were under different names. In previous launchers I showed all ROMs bit Launchbox tidies this up quite well. If it helps ensure that the version of MAME and the Romset you have "acquired" are the same version. You can also use a tool called clrmamepro to check the validity of the romset. Just YouTube if you need instructions. Good luck
  14. Thanks. I got there in the end!
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