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  1. That's what i was afraid of... Can you pleaseeeee keep the "Export to Android" option? I don't want to be stuck on an old Launchbox version
  2. Just want to write that, Redream - Sega Dreamcast is working great! Thank you for listening and adding it to the LB app
  3. Jason, is it possible to add Redream emulator for SEGA Dreamcast on the next update? So far we have Retroarch and Reicast.
  4. I have never had this problem, and I exported my Android games like 10 minutes ago I'm not a pro, but have you installed the latest beta version correct?
  5. One stupid quesition, why does the latest version extract game files when launching a game? I have Huawei P30 Pro, and for some reason it takes ages to extract the games... The previous Launchbox version worked great without any exctration (not what i'm aware of)... It takes even longer when launching a Dreamcast game since the file size is larger. EDIT: Also is it possible to add Mupen64+ FZ?😄😄 There is Mupen64+ AE and AE free, but not FZ version
  6. Go to sleep man! You have done more than enough for one day 🤣🤣
  7. Does this also work if i want to do it with a controller software called Antimicro? I'm trying to remap my controller so that i can use F1 (save state) and F3 (Load state) in EPSXe by holding Select+L3 (save state) and Select+R3 (Load state), since ePSXe doesn't allow us to do this using the controller... I want the software (AntiMicro) to launch when i start a PSX game, and then close it, when i close the game. I can easily do this with the "Additional Apps", but i have to go through ever game, which will take me ages EDIT: I have tried many different codes in AHK,
  8. I don't know if only i have this problem, but for some reason, i can't export all my NES games.. It only exports 3 of them and ignores the rest (136 games)... And it always export the same game. I can export all games from every platform except NES. And they all have the same format (.zip)
  9. I just bought Launchbox and so far it's working great! However i noticed that we are forced to use the "regular" Retroarch... We can't use Retroarch x64. I know that i might won't matter, but is it possible to fix this in the future updates?
  10. I just purchased Launchbox on Android Where can i write if i found some bugs? I don't want to be pain in the ass, i'm just trying to help you improve the app
  11. Have this been implemented yet?? I can't find it anywhere.. I have like 200 games i need to use "Additional apps" with, but it's going to take waaay too long
  12. Hi guys! After i've been trying SEVERAL different Dolphin emulator version, i finally found one, that works great and doesn't stutter or lag at all when playing games... Even the latest version was really slow, so i had to get an older version. Anyway i have enabled Bigbox and launchbox Automation feature, which works great for all games! However whenever i close down Dolphin Emulator when i'm for instance playing Mario kart Double Dash, i always get an error called "wxWidgets Debug Alert"... After that i'm stuck and can't return to BigBox anymore. All i get is a black screen.
  13. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! It worked!! Too bad Redream closed sourced it so we can't use it on RetroArch.. But oh well
  14. Sorry for being a noob now, but how does that work? I mean the code is specifically used for ESC key Let say that I want to exit the game by using Select + D-Pad right... Would that be possible?? Nooo hahaha not a third party software! I used Xpadder, rocket launcher etc when I used HyperSpin, and it was such a pain and too much of a hassle to make it work... It didn't even work sometimes
  15. Sorry to bring this up, but is there a way to exit Redream by pressing Select and Start when using a controller??
  16. Sweet! In that case I will buy it on 2-3 different accounts! You know, just in case
  17. But If I buy it when it's $5 do I still need to buy it again, when the price have increased?? I have nothing against to pay more, since I have been waiting for this forever, but still, it's good to know
  18. Hello guys! When i used the older version of Big Box i didn't have this "issue", but when i updated to the lastest version, i always get this window when i start Big Box... Is there a way do disable it so the Console section is the first menu? Please that a look at the picture and you will see what i mean.. I always get to this Player section when i start Big Box for some reason after the update...
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