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  1. Glad it helped someone besides myself.
  2. In case anyone ever comes across with the same need it seems I found an answer. It seems Pinnacle has some intelligence to it and can detect the executable you are running and automatically launch the game profile. With having that there is no need to touch every rom to add additional applications. Hope this helps someone besides myself.
  3. @nmc i had seen your other post about this previously. this is what i tried and it did indeed work. luckily i dont have more than 20 games for DC since this can be time consuming. thanks
  4. Hi Firstly I LOVE LaunchBox! Great job! It would be nice if there was a feature to Bulk Add Additional Apps to rom collections. So my situation is this... Most emulators do not let you exit from the controller, which everyone knows, so I am using Pinnacle to address this, and it works great. My problem is after I bulk import my roms it does not have the Pinnacle app attached to it, so I have to add this separately to each individual rom. That's alot of work. So it would be great if a feature like this existed to add Additional Apps to multiple roms at once. If anything like this exists already, then please let me know but I have searched and found nothing on this. Thanks so much.
  5. @bd000 thanks for the suggestion. i am really trying to avoid doing the extras like that as much as possible. so far all the pc games and emulators i have tried worked great with minimal tinkering. i knew this one was gonna be a pain. i saw another post where someone launches the games as regular games with a command line and not as an emuator. im leaning towards that if i cannot find anything else.
  6. would anyone care to share how they got dreamcast games to launch with nulldc in launchbox? the command line in this post doesnt work. it would launch nulldc but not the games. i used to use mala frontend and got nulldc to work with this command: -config ImageReader:defaultImage="%path%\%rom%.%ext%" sadly that didnt work. any help would be appreciated. im really loving launchbox so this would be a bummer if i cannot get dreamcast games to launch. thanks
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