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  1. I've got my 32X games running fine in launchbox, but only 5 of them show up in Bigbox. Why?
  2. Wondering why bigbox shows me game images instead of game menu when trying to launch a game? I have to back out of image viewing to see play option. Have I done something wrong? Thanks
  3. I am trying to run N64 games through retroarch using the mupen core. I have successfully mapped all the buttons on my retrolink controller. My problem arises when I play a game ,like mario kart, where I need to press both the right shoulder button and the a button at the same time. When I do this, it seems to start up netplay or something. I've checked to see if hotkeys are set, but they are not. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. I'd like to exit Redream directly back into Bigbox by pushing start and select on my controller like every other emulator I'm running. I presently have to push esc on the keyboard and then click close with the mouse. Any help would be appreciated!
  5. Thanks alot, I'll try this. Beautiful theme!!!
  6. I can't figure out why my platform videos are not playing in the black part. My files are in the videos/platforms folder of Mort. Switching from vlc didn't help either. Can you please help?
  7. Thanks to both of you for the help. Atleast I now know the cause of the problem and will try these simple shaders
  8. I'm running Intel(R) HD Graphics.
  9. I recently bought a Sony 4k tv. After hooking up my pc with bigbox on it, I noticed all of my retroarch games were running at half speed. I fixed this by changing my crt shader from royale to zfast. I am alright with this change except when it comes to my Gameboy games. I miss playing them with the Gameboy borders. Is there anything I can do to get all of these shaders running full speed, or at least the Gameboy ones. Thanks for any help!
  10. Very nice, it works. Almost time to make Bigbox my shell. Thanks for all the help, in this thread and others.
  11. Cool, I'm gonna try this out after work. Thanks everyone!!
  12. So, does this mean that, it is possible, to load youtube through bigbox?
  13. Ok, I figured out what I was doing wrong. I would start from scratch and erase and re-import my roms,. I would tell launchbox to move my roms into the launchbox folder. However the neogeo zip folder was not moving with it. Stupid mistake, just had to manually copy bios. I'm using the fbalpha2012 neogeo core and everything is awesome. Thanks for the help however!
  14. I have retroarch running most of my platforms, but can't get it to run neo geo. the only emulator that runs those games for me is winkawaks. Even in retroarch alone it fails to recognize the roms. I'm using the fbalpha2012 neogeo core and have included the neogeo zip inside both the roms folder and the system folder. Any idea what I'm doing wrong. I'd sure like to get it working since retroarch is much easier to deal with than winkawaks.
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