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  1. Yeah I've just found out how to do it myself. Editing the game ini files which are in MAMEUI64\ for example "MAMEUI64\ffight.ini" Thanks.
  2. Soxbrother


    The HLSL setting you make in a game aren't saved. Is there a workaround, to make them work ? For example: I've set the quadric distortion to 0.22 to get a curved screen in my arcade bezel, but afterwards when you launch the same game, it has defaulted back to 0.0.
  3. I've just found out, that the HLSL settings don't save, like for instance I had set the quadric distortion to 0.22, like you said in the tutorial and now when I start the game, the setting defaulted back to 0.0. Is there any way to have it save the quadric distortion setting ?
  4. Thanks neil9000 !!! Seems this tutorial came out today, just when I needed it !!!
  5. In the app , in the core download section do I choose Mame 2000, Mame 2003 or Mame 2003 plus ? Which of the 3 is the mame_libretro_android.so core ? or is it the one in here ? http://buildbot.libretro.com/nightly/android/latest/armeabi-v7a/ Thanks in advance.
  6. Ah ok, I see. So this feature is maybe coming somewhere down the line then ? I'm relatively new to Launchbox, but I thought you could make custom platforms as well. So that got me thinking, maybe you could create a second Mame platform under a different name with only the games you want and then you can export that ? Or isn't that possible ? Edit : I've installed a 3rd Launchbox and isntead of using the import Full mame set option, I've just imported the roms, which I first copied into a separate folder.
  7. So you are saying, that all the games are copied over first to the Export folder and then the selected game(s) is/are picked from that folder and set aside for exporting to your Android ?
  8. Hi Jason, I've finally converted my Merged 0.214 set to a Non-Merged set. I've installed a separate Launchbox, I've called the folder Launchbox Android I selected a random game and tried the Android Export. I've choosen to export the selected game only, so far so good. But then it still started copying all the games to my Launchbox Export folder. So this "selected games export" option, isn't fully functional yet then I assume ? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi again, I've just followed your tutorial for adding the bezels to Mame and already tried one game. It turned out I that needed to enable the HLSL settings, to get all the options. My question for you : is there a way to auto scale the video to fit these bezels, like in retroarch ?
  10. I'll certainly do that. So it will take approx. 28,3 hours LOL (17min x 100 = 1700min : 60 = 28,3333) Update : It worked, it was finished Sunday evening, yesterday I've made a new scan and everything was well.
  11. Ok. Thanks for the info. The 1st procent took about 17min. Seems like it's going to take a while, LOL Is it normal that there are a lot of skipped files ?
  12. I didn't notice that option, I used the rebuilder and it's currently busy at 4%. Should I stop the process and use the Merger instead ? Will the Merger work faster maybe ? 🤔 Maybe it produces a different/better result ? Thanks for the info.
  13. 17min for 1%, this is going to take a while 😲
  14. I'm currently rebuilding to a non-merged set, fingers crossed !!!
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