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  1. what should i search for to get the roms. And should I delete the other software list roms? I found a rom set that says this "MAME 0.185 ROMs (split).zip" Is this the correct one?
  2. So where am I supposed to get arcade roms from? A link would be helpful. I was watching a Youtube tutorial and he didn't provide a link he just said to search it up on internet archives so i wasn't sure if it was the right one. Also should I just delete all those files inside my rom file then if they're of no use. And sorry for not realizing that mb.
  3. Any time I try pressing a game on launchbox it says initializing and for some games it goes into machine loading up to about 50% then just closes. The tab just closes there is no error, I was previously having a problem where it said fatal error required files are missing the machine cannot be run. However, the problem has changed to not showing anything. The games also do not work on MAME itself. I've looked through different forums about the same question, but their solutions weren't working for me. I've tried editing the rom path on mame.ini. Thanks, for any help.
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