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  1. LOL, I have a Corsair Keyboard (K95 rgb) and a Mouse (M65 rgb) also. Not going to buy a new Keyboard and Mouse. Going to research a bit more. Might be a setting in iCUE software. Otherwise, its Keyboard controls for Vectrex. Thanks for the info nearvanaman!!!
  2. Got games to work finally!! Now my Xbox One Elite controller isn't being recognized ether. Any Ideas anyone,
  3. (ParaJVE) I can't seem to follow your instructions. I have created the emulator part with no problem. The ROMs section is where I don't understand. I have the rom files and I downloaded the GameIDs.zip - How to I proceed from here? Do I use Tools->Import->Rom Files as usual? and what do I do with the GameIDs.zip files? A little confused. Thanks in advance for help. ARoth
  4. I removed the CHD's from the rom directory and did a small sample import and it worked...
  5. Its show 2-Player Games, 4-Player Games, Atari Classics, all the way to Williams Classics. But no games show in the center to select.
  6. I have a Full Set of Mame Roms 0.214 which work Fine with Mame64, MameUI64, & Negatron. I installed LaunchBox on my External SSD. I copied Mame in to the Launchbox Directory. Then Copied the ROMs into the ROMS folder in the mame directory. I created the Mame profile with Manage Emulators. Then I went to TOOLS, IMPORT, MAME ARCADE FULL SET... Called the Arcade Platform, "Arcade". Selected the the ROM's directory. Selected The Emulator. Default for Metadata. Download Images (All). Signed into my EmuMovies and selected all to Download. Filter games All default except changed Region to Prioritize to WORLD. Ready to import screen shows all the game the wizard is ready to import, Clicked Finish. It started Searching EmuMovies for Arcade Media... It took about 4 hours to complete and it said No Results were found. What did I do incorrectly? This is What my LaunchBox Looks like. Any Ideas?
  7. I purchased a Lifetime License for LaunchBox to use it with Mame. I followed the setup for Launchbox with mame by ETA Prime. Everything went fine as per the video. Once everything finished downloading, Non of the games show in Launchbox. I have done it twice and same result. I am running Windows 10 Version 1903 (Build 18362.418), I installed Launchbox 10.6 on a external 2gig SSD along with Mame 0.214 and Roms/Chds. I feel like I wasted $50... I have been watching these videos for quite a while and It seems pretty cut and dry, Some advise please. Thank you,
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