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  1. I am attempting to download platform videos. However whenever I try to preview videos the system hangs on the VLC screen and never shows a preview. I have tried using different providers, but none seem to work. Thanks
  2. Vader

    Any Updates?

    Hey Jason By any chance are you working on any upgrades to the Android version of lunch box? Just curioius. V
  3. Jason Is the 10.10 beta live? When I try to download it, it gives me version 10.9
  4. Jason Perhaps you can add an option for the user to either completely disable the blurred backgrounds or to disable and add another background of their choosing. Maybe the option is already there, and i just can't see it. oh well...
  5. No problem. I'm sure that you can figure something out, you always do. Keep up the good work.
  6. The update didn't do much for me. Still a noticeable lag when scrolling up and down through games. I tried to install the updated theme, but could not get it to work. Perhaps because i don't have the premium revision of Launchbox. If there is another method to install the theme on a free version of Launchbox, please let me know. Thanks
  7. Hello I just installed the new version as well and I too am experiencing major slow downs with the new theme, probably due to the fact that a lot more system resources are being used. However, when i switch back to the original theme, everything run perfect (thanks for leaving this in). I think this is something that definitely needs to be looked into. Also i agree, that with the SNES games, something needs to be done with the box sizes. If you have Famicon games, combined with regular SNES games, the Famicon boxes, when resized, look way huge compared to the SNES boxes. This ma
  8. Same here, version .31 worked well. Was able to import a full set of SNES roms without issue.
  9. Vader

    Box art

    Thanks. it worked.I used Cx file explorer to move the folder without issue. Everything is now running from the SD Card. V
  10. Vader

    Box art

    Is it possible to have the box art files on an SD card, instead of the main storage of the device. I am about import a full set of SNES roms and would prefer to not have those box arts take up space on my phone's main storage. Any help you can give would be apricated. Thanks V
  11. Good morning I have a samsung galaxy note 10 plus. The update fixed my issues as well. I can also see all the box art as well. Thanks
  12. Just updated to version 0.28 and it is crashing. Cannot load app at all.
  13. Version 0.28 is not out yet, but was able to download 0.27, i was able to successfully import various mame roms with no issues. Still working on other platforms. Did have issues with the images as only one (Shinobi) is being displayed. Looking forward to version 0.28 to see if this fixes the issue. BTW, i am using a galaxy note 10 plus. Keep up the good work!
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