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  1. Hey @Goodmango @Jason Carr is the developer of the app and @neil9000 is a moderator. Hope this helps.
  2. @TechBoi, Like @neil9000 said, the games datebase is a community effort, so not everything is going to be perfect, nor should we expect it to be. We have to take it for what it is, and if you want to upload a wheel with the correct file name to fix an issue, than I guess you can do so. @Jason Carr is doing an awesome job and I tip my hat off to him for all he has done on this project. Keep it up, Jason!
  3. @TechBoi you might be getting a lot of Japanese games because no-into romsets have games from different regions i.e. Japan, Europe, etc. Most games from these other regions are just duplicates of North American games, but some games are exclusive to just a particular region. It is recommended that you clean your romsets to remove non-North American region duplicates so that only North American region games are left. Once this is done, you can then add back any region-specific games you might want in your collection. This should eliminate a lot of the Japanese games. I agree with @neil9000 that there seems to be an issue with the file naming convention used on some of the wheel images, which is probably causing Japan wheel logos to display. After looking closer into both the games you mentioned, Kung Fu and Kid Icarus, I noticed that both have North American wheel images available but the file names for these wheels lack a region name i.e. (North America). Since those images lack the region designation, this could be why those images are not downloading and displaying properly. Changing the rom file name won't fix this either, because I believe that the scraper looks for the files for the region you specify. I don't know if something can be done about this, but I think that in the meantime, the easiest solution is to download those wheels that are incorrect and manually copy them to the wheel folder. Just my 2 cents
  4. @TechBoi Its the walmart brand streaming box.
  5. @C0ntrA @Jason Carr AMEN to that!! I am currently working on getting launchbox running on an ONN streaming device. Not an easy task, but preliminarly I got it working.
  6. @C0ntrA @Jason Carr I have this same feeling as well. I too have an "expectation" but don't look down on the product because I feel that the product is awesome as it is. Jason is doing an awesome job. I think in time a solution will be found.
  7. @Juzzotec This is something that has been discussed at length on this forum. The issue has to do with the read/write speed of the drive you are using. it is strange that you are having this issue with an SSD drive as those are supposed to be faster. I would recommend checking the read/write speed of your drive to see what it is running at. Also make sure that the launchbox folder is copied to the ssd drive. Finally, I would try uninstalling launchbox and reloading it to see if that fixes the issue. If it still continues it might be your drive. Just some thoughts.
  8. @Jason Carr Ok, let me try and make it less confusing. 😀 I am using the app exclusively to import mame roms. I have been noticing that If I do not select the full mame rom set option. Clones will not import. For example. I have two merged mame roms puckman.zip and mspacman.zip Both roms have clones within the .zip file. If I try to import both of these without selecting the full mame romset option, only the main game imports with no clones. If I select full mame romset, then the clones will import. Hopefully this makes more sence.
  9. Hello @neil9000 I kind of figured that is what the system is doing. However the issue still remains that clones are not recognized when trying to import single games unless the full romset option is selected. Hopefully this can be fixed so that individual games can be imported with their clones.
  10. Hey @Jason Carr I have been working on importing mame roms via the app and noticed some weird things with the import. In my experiment, I have been trying to import two merged roms, Puckman and Mrs. Pac-man, so they show up as pac-man and Mrs. Pac-Man along with their clones. When I tried to import with the full mame romset not selected, Mrs. Pac-man imports fine and Puckman is imported as Puckman, not pac-man also only these two items are imported. Unfortunately, no clones are imported into the system, even though import clones is selected. If I select the full mame romset item, Puckman is imported as pac-man and Mrs. Pac-man is not imported, at all. Also, clones are now imported. I also notice that even though I am only importing two games, selecting full mame romset will cause the system to download almost all the game art, instead of just for the two games that I am importing. Finally, If I deselect skip hacks or bootlegs (not sure which one is causing this), Mrs. Pac-man will show up (with clones), but pac-man will show up as puckman. The other item (hacks or bootlegs) will cause Mrs. Pac-man to import as Mrs. Pac-man II. I have looked into the roms themselves and know that Ms. Pac-Man is a parent rom and Pac-man is a clone of puck-man. However, with North America set as the region to prioritize, both games should import properly. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, or if it's an issue with the system. Can you please check into this? Thanks Vader
  11. Hey @Maikel__ Are you running Launchbox from an SD card? I had similar issues, but when I transfered Launchbox to my tablets main storage, the hanging on the wheel stopped. In my case, my SD card was not read/writing fast enough for the wheel to load smoothly. Hope this helps. Vader
  12. Hey @Jason Carr I was able to move my launchbox files from my sd card to internal storage and found that the scrolling issues are gone. It is defenitly an issue with read/write on the SD card. For now i'll leave it as is, but eventually, I'll see if i can get a better SD card to see if that clears up the issue. Thanks
  13. @Jason Carr again thanks An experiment that I want to try but havent had a chance yet is to try and run launchbox from my tablets built in storage instead of my sd card. Right now launchbox is running from my SD card, and this is where i have my roms and image files. My sd card is cheap, and I think it can't handle the read / write processes that launchbox requires, thus causing the scrolling problem. My opinion, of course.
  14. @Jason Carr thanks for your help. To clarify, i am not using an nvidia shield, i am using a galaxy tab s7 plus tablet. Also I think I have download all media that is available.
  15. Hey @Jason Carr Here is a video recording that I did, which shows the studdering when trying to scroll through the games using the wheel view. I also tested this with the text list with details view and the scrolling was a little better, but even with this view the list whould studder on occation. Screen_Recording_20210905-151450.mp4
  16. Hey @Jason Carr I just imported an almost full MAME rom set, about 2800 games and noticed that there are scrolling lag issues when using the wheel view. I am able to scroll a few games and then Launchbox freezes for a few minutes, before I am able to scroll again. This behavior continues while going throughout the entire list, a bunch of stop and go. On a rare occation, I am not able to continue scrolling, because Launchbox crashes. I notice a similar issue with box view but not as bad. I am using a galaxy tab s7 plus, with my roms on an external SD card. I have added two debug files for you to review to see if that helps. Hope you can get this fixed, Launchbox is looking awesome, otherwise. Could it be because I have my mame roms files in an arcade folder instead of a MAME folder? Debug 2021-09-05 08-56-00 AM.log Debug 2021-09-05 09-30-51 AM.log
  17. Hey Jason Great job, glad to see that Launchbox is back on Android. Development is coming along very well, keep it up. I agree with the others that game searching should be a priority. Kinda hard to go through 2000+ games without a search option. You got the touch!!
  18. I am attempting to download platform videos. However whenever I try to preview videos the system hangs on the VLC screen and never shows a preview. I have tried using different providers, but none seem to work. Thanks
  19. Vader

    Any Updates?

    Hey Jason By any chance are you working on any upgrades to the Android version of lunch box? Just curioius. V
  20. Jason Is the 10.10 beta live? When I try to download it, it gives me version 10.9
  21. Jason Perhaps you can add an option for the user to either completely disable the blurred backgrounds or to disable and add another background of their choosing. Maybe the option is already there, and i just can't see it. oh well...
  22. No problem. I'm sure that you can figure something out, you always do. Keep up the good work.
  23. The update didn't do much for me. Still a noticeable lag when scrolling up and down through games. I tried to install the updated theme, but could not get it to work. Perhaps because i don't have the premium revision of Launchbox. If there is another method to install the theme on a free version of Launchbox, please let me know. Thanks
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