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  1. how do we see the game in the image on mame. Would it be a bezel
  2. I just started looking into this. I did game and watch from eta’s tutorial with no problem. This seems to be a little harder getting MAME to read certain file names
  3. thats perfect, thanks seaview!
  4. Can you switch NES HACKS to HOMEBREW and get rid of the ring and make it a clear logo
  5. That’s perfect, thanks a bunch seaview
  6. If you could just remove the white boarder
  7. Can you make this just a clear logo without the white background or ring around it
  8. It’s an emulator not a platform but yeah I’d like a theme and clear logo for my teknoparrot folder on big box
  9. Anyone figure out how to get the game to continue and to avoid going to the cxbx main menu @LukeUsher
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