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  1. Awesome!!! Has this been uploaded yet? Checking the page it says the latest version is 1.8 released March 27, 2019
  2. Hey Guys! I have a license for music box alpha and haven't seen any updates for a while, have checked the website/forum asking the same thing , is the project abandoned or just dormant for the time being? was hoping to see some native launchbox/big box integration between the apps. would be awesome to have bigbox playing music from music box while in attract mode
  3. What Marquees are people using and where are they getting them from?
  4. That looks amazing! the only platforms I can think of which are currently missing is examu ex- board NesicaxLive
  5. Amazing! any chance you're able to make a TigerGame.com banner? seems to be one of the missing platforms
  6. Hey guys, I’m unable to enter the pause or use my exit key in LB/BB in Mame/PCSX2/Retroarch I’m using an I-pac2 setup with xinput my binds are below, any help would be greatly appreciated, when I hit the pause button in retroarch my audio cuts out for .5 of a second. any help would be greatly appreciated Pause is on Pin 1A Exit is on Pin 2A 1B P1 Home 1A P2 Button 9 1Coin P1 Button 7 (Back) 1Start P1 Button 8 (START) 1SW8 P1Rtrig 1SW7 P1Ltrig 1SW6 P1Button 6 (RR) 1SW5 P1Button 5 (LR) 1SW4 P1Button4 (Y) 1SW3 P1Button3 (X) 1SW2 P1Button2 (B) 1SW1 P1Button1 (A) 1Down P1 Dpad-D 1UP P1 Dpad-U 1Left P1 Dpad-L 1Right P1 Dpad-R 2B P2 Home 2A P2 Button 10 2Coin P2 Button 7 (Back) 2Start P2 Button 8 (START) 2SW8 P2Rtrig 2SW7 P2Ltrig 2SW6 P2Button 6 (RR) 2SW5 P2Button 5 (LR) 2SW4 P2Button4 (Y) 2SW3 P2Button3 (X) 2SW2 P2Button2 (B) 2SW1 P2Button1 (A) 2Down P2 Dpad-D 2UP P2 Dpad-U 2Left P2 Dpad-L 2Right P2 Dpad-R
  7. Anyone have a banner for Tiger game,com? couldn't find one in the thread
  8. Is it possible for a 4:3 version of this? would be perfect for a crt monitor
  9. Where can I get this with all the art + snaps?
  10. does it tie into launchbox?
  11. does Launchbox support HBMAME now? looking at adding it to my set-up but wanting art ect
  12. where'd you get the bezels from?
  13. Great tool! , how am I able to copy the rerool roms to a new folder from my no intro folder? also how am I able to have the same game with multiple names? eg bubble bath babes is also known as Mermaids of Atlantis - The Riddle of the Magic Bubble both in the US
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