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  1. how can do you setup teknoparrot with LB?
  2. Japanese Saturn has a lot of missing art I've noticed
  3. Happy to wait for a full release if its got all the art etc , love this theme very excited!
  4. Amazing theme! is more packs coming out? missing a few platform arts and game arts for those platforms then it'll be my favorite theme!
  5. any chance you can make one for tiger handhelds + arcade platforms? like Naomi , Type X , Nessica ect?
  6. hey guys anyone know why MSX doesn't scrape with emumovies? using a no intro set
  7. This themes great! would be my main theme if it wasn't missing art for some of my platforms , any chance you will be adding more?
  8. Hey guys just wondering what PC platforms suit best for arcade controls? eg X6800 MSX ect?, what systems have complete art ect
  9. is there any way to verify the file exists on the url provided? is there any way to add multiple urls eg sometimes regions are split between urls and provide a list of titles not found?
  10. is Deathsmiles 2 playable now?
  11. is launchbox updated to use all working mame games? from memory it was out of date for a while , so even if i had the newest set i wouldn't be able to import them as they weren't marked as "working"
  12. just wondering if its worth updating from .185? how many more games are playable and if the import tool is updated to the latest version? emu movies doesn't seem to be updated since 2018 for mame , so will alot of games be missing art ect?
  13. is there any Laucnhbox compatible sets for MUGEN and OPEN BOR? with artwork + videos ect?
  14. whats UCR? will those programs give me emulated xbox 360 controls?
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