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  1. ive enabled skip warnings in mame however i still get "there are know problems with this machine" is there anyway i can disable that also? have heard about the no nag builds but cant find them for the latest version
  2. Hi guys, my rocket launcher setup has mysteriously changed and now the video is not centered in the bezzle , seems its cutoff. so i decided to see if the bezel is the reason why its not centered and i noticed that the video is actually aligned to the left hand side rather then the middle. does anyone know a solution to this? seems its the case with all emulators cheers
  3. love it! , am i able to request some further videos and artwork , logos for the following platforms? Taito nessiaXLive Zinc Jaguar CD Lynx Bandai Wonderswan color Bandai Wonderswan Capcom CPS3 Collecovision Daphne Examu ex-board HBMAME Matel Intelivision Sammy Atomiswave Sega Model 3 Sega STV SNK NEOGEO AES SNK NEOGEO MVS SNK NEOGEO CD SNK NEOGEO Pocket SNK NEOGEO Pocket Color Actionmax
  4. the background platform artwork was working and has since stopped working for all platforms have tried reinstalling and checking that all .dlls are not blocked , any ideas what might be causing this
  5. Hi guys, been having some difficulties setting up a lightgun with mame/rl setup at the moment im not able to add credit regular games work fine
  6. i know that but some themes come with custom banners for a couple platforms but not the majority
  7. hey guys, just wondering what themes are the best suited for bartops/ cabinets , lots of themes seem to be missing lots of art. im a big fan of the Nessica theme however im terrible when it comes to making custom art
  8. Newlander

    LED Blinky

    has anyone setup LED blinky with LB/ RL? im in desperate need of some guidance i either want all LEDS to light up one my 1 or in apatern but ideally i want buttons to light up with corresponding platforms
  9. no worries , personally ive used all the views , i definitely prefer horizontal one for platforms and vertical logos for games list would be awesome to be able to edit the control button graphic and change the text to the actual control scheme that i use not sure how that could be done though
  10. is it best to provide the list here or in a PM?
  11. link broken or removed? can't seem to find these cinematics anywhere anymore
  12. i love this theme , is is possible for more banners to be made? from what i can see theres no banner for taito type x or nessica or most arcade platforms
  13. love this so much! Any chance of a Taito Type X2,Taito NESiCAxLive and Examu Ex-Board one?
  14. looks awesome! , would love a video of it in action love the way it looks , keep up the great work!
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