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  1. Should I submit a bug report for this or is it done automatically by a moderator.
  2. Thanks to arzoo I think I’m narrowing down the cause in BB. It seems to work fine if I select a game from the games list. I can scroll up and down and I’ve checked the ledblinky log and it does receive game selected commands. My issue seems to be when I go into a playlist (I’ve made a few custom ones) and select a game by scrolling left and right through the box art of the recently played games, rather than going through the regular scrolling list. Doing this doesn’t generate any selected commands and then nothing gets passed to ledblinky. I hope this explanation kinda makes sense. I’m still learning the terminology of the app
  3. Thanks. I’ve messaged you the file.
  4. Enter and Exit are used to go into and out of menus, just didnt know if this would cause issues if i assign this button to a game button. im assuming all the keystrokes will go to the emulator and none will be passed to LB/BB, so as long as enter isnt assigned to anything in the emulators i should be good ? Thanks
  5. I’m going to remap my Mame and retroarch keys for a 4 player panel. Is there any potential issues with mapping the enter key as player 1 button 1 within big box or the emulators? At the moment I have an admin button dedicated to enter but this would free up that and make the controls more streamlined. Thanks
  6. Could you point me in the right direction? My settings seem fine but maybe it’s an ini file issue? thanks
  7. Hi, I’m having a few issues with ledblinky / big box which im hoping someone can help me with. i'm sure its related to paths or permissions but I cant seem to figure it out. i've set it up so it speaks and flashes the appropriate controls and tested it with 1942 and pacman and it only works sometimes. the other times I get a "No ROM specified for Game Start event. Missing parameter?" in the ledblinky debug log. I also have issues where it speaks the controls for the previous and not current game. I’m not sure if this is a big box or ledblinky issue. thanks
  8. I can’t call it a definitive test but I disabled one drive, windows security and HD sound and so far it hasn’t lost focus on me in 20mins of playing. I may reactivate windows security at some point and see if it returns.
  9. I will try this later tonight and report back. I think it is mostly happening upon first boot so there must be something stealing focus.
  10. There are tons out there. Here is one. I tried the fixes suggested and it didn’t help https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/games_windows_10/windows-10-minimizing-any-games-automatically-at/7f9fba10-fb15-41f1-8c3b-a2e8e8542b8f
  11. Yeah, I’m all up to date and I’ve tried to deactivate any windows shortcuts. Does seem to be a windows problem. lots of people are complaining about it.
  12. It does appear to be a Mame or windows issue. I ran Mame and it occasionally will just minimize itself even if I’m not touching the controls. Super strange.
  13. Yes. It happens in LaunchBox too. im going to try run Mame on its own In case that’s where the issue is.
  14. Everything is stock. I didn’t touch any of the default settings as far as I’m aware. ive included some screenshots. I thought it may have been a mouse issue as even when hidden, the mouse highlights items in the menus but I did switch off mouse options and it’s still having issues. thanks
  15. I have the latest windows 10 with LaunchBox 10.10 and ledblinky. That’s all I have on the machine I tried turning on the game loading screen but it immediately popped up a game over screen and moved the Mame window into the background (the game wasn’t even over). I also tried turning back on the big box splash screen to see if that would give focus. It’s certainly a weird and frustrating problem.
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