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  1. 0218 i think. and im not sure on the rom set
  2. what have i not provided. when i answer the questions i get no response. i would love nothing more then to have this front end working.
  3. How do i put in for a refund. I cant seem to get help getting this thing to play any games at all. thanx
  4. Ok, its going on a week now and i still havent got lb or bb to do anything except show the arcade roms i have. Yes, they work outside of lb on mame. Do the roms need to be unzipped or something? I also bought a new computer and tried it out on it only to get the same results. Nothing. I was told to give more information but I dont know what else to add.
  5. how do i transfer my bigbox over to my other pc?
  6. Ok, sorry about that. When I go to launch any of the arcade roms it acts like it is starting for about 3 or 4 seconds the reverts right back to the screen where i was just trying to launch it from. Also it is from rom set
  7. yeah, but i also am having the same problem with my dreamcast roms.
  8. I have been at this for three solid days and i havent been able to get any of my games to play through LB or BB. I see the suggestion to check my emulator but i dont know where to find that and i wouldnt know what to look for once i found it. as you have probably guessed im pretty new to all this and im kind of an idiot.
  9. awesome! that fixes the steam problem. thanx.
  10. i think that is part of the problem with my steam profile, the tutorial says under profile in the adress bar it should say id but instead im getting this (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198199424291/)
  11. yeah i made sure my account was public and as for mame im using the standard importer
  12. when i try to import games from steam it says it cant access my account even though i filled everything out correctly, and with mame none of my roms show up. when i open launch box there is nothing there,
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