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  1. Thanks for the update, but it is giving me the following message when I click compile. Do I have to install something else to make it work? I also tried running from another location but got the same error message. 'D:\Installed' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. D:\Installed programs\LaunchBox Custom Badges>
  2. I like it! Definitely going to check it out when it's ready Are you building it with the community theme creator, and if so are you going to release the work files?
  3. That is too bad! But thanks for your help. I will try and see if I can find some kind of explanation if it has to do with the theme or not.
  4. Thank you for quick response! Oh I see, maybe I've messed something up then I am using version 10.15 and the theme I am using is based on (but modified by me) Editorial Noir COMMUNITY Project Files version found here. Is there any way to troubleshoot and see what causes the issue?
  5. I'm a quite new premium user of LaunchBox/BigBox and can't say enough how awesome it is! However, I have a very annoying problem happening often that I can't seem to find a solution for. Not always, but most of the time BigBox doesn't seem to exit properly and just stays as an invisible process (see attached image) in the task manager never disappearing. I have let it be for hours but never seems to close. I've also tried BigBox on two different computers but the problem happens there as well. I always have to force close it which I've understood can result in corrupted data if I am unlucky. I am using a custom theme but seems to happen with the default theme as well. Am I alone in experiencing this problem? And more importantly, is there a fix?
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