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  1. I would point out that some games never leave early access. Plus it would be fun to see what games in my library are in an EA state. If it never happens it's not big deal but I feel like it would be a nice thing to keep track of.
  2. I feel like Early Access would be a useful and valid option to add to the GameTypes. Not sure if this has been requested before but I'm making this post to request it.
  3. You can link a badge to a custom field value. I'd like this to still be a requested feature as the custom field has 2 major downsides, 1) I need a custom badge of a duplicate purpose. 2) I will need to manually update my custom field, simply launching the game through launchbox won't update the value.
  4. Thats a great idea! this won't tie in with the unplayed badge though would it? I'd have to make a custom badge to do the same thing.
  5. I don't see a way to mark something as unplayed or played, given that I've imported a ton of games from steam I'd love to be able to go in and mark which ones I have played or not without installing them and booting up each game I've already played. Subsequently I don't have a way to mark a game as unplayed again if I wanted to add it to a que of sorts.
  6. Well, I use launchbox to track games it can't launch, so having the new platforms would be a priority for me, and as stated before I can get the needed metadata to help that along.
  7. Was going to add some of the new PS5 games to the database but it seems that platform is missing. I don't know how to add a new platform or how it's done so I'm posting it here. I can rip the marketing materials to use as images if needed. Just let me know what image types we need.
  8. So, steam link lets you stream your games to your phone/other devices and send controller inputs back to the home machine. It works really well for steam games that can be played with a controller. Then I noticed steamlink will stream any program you add as a non steam game. Then I tried adding bigbox as a non-steam app and I was able to boot into all the emulators I've fed to launchbox and have them streamed to my phone across the house. This has me feeling like I've discovered fire as I can effectively play any of my emulated games on my phone. The biggest issue is with the emulators themselves or how little I've configured things. The stream captures both dolphin's configuration window and the game when it's not in fullscreen. Visual Boy advanced won't let me bind the steamlink controller device to it so while things display properly I can't get past press start. Closing the emulators is another problem entirely as steamlink limits the mouse range and oftentimes the exit button is out of range. Regardless bigbox worked perfectly right out of the box and for the emulators I could close it would pop back up and let me boot another. So excellent job there mr dev. Has anyone else tried steam link streaming app and big box together? If so are there any tips/tricks you've discovered?
  9. Gog Galaxy with everything I can import gives me 1145, but thats missing a few of my accounts and doesn't include any of my emulated stuff. I was sitting at around 400 or so games I've owned physical copies of over the course of my life. After importing my steam and gog into launchbox the count is 1482, but thats missing most of my ps4 and psvita library, and a good chunk of my pc library that is on other things like uplay and the like. So I'd round my number to a clean 1700 of games I've bought over the course of 20 years. I'm already feeling like I have played/own too many games and I haven't even hit 10k, I can't imagine 100k that some of you guys have. I already feel like my steam library is full of raw sewage. I also don't understand owning ALL the versions of a game but I guess if I was made of storage space and wanted to be the master archive I'd go for that. I'm just proud of the number of games I can say I actually bought and have played.
  10. Thanks for the replies guys, went ahead and got a license since I can theme the base program too. After really diving in and buying a year license shows I feel that Launchbox is ahead of playnite/gog in alot of ways for doing what I want. A visual library/tracker of the games I own, have played, and have completed. It just needs achievements, playtime tracking, and integration with more accounts/libraries, and a way to distinguish between "completed" and "100% completed" imo. Launching is great for my emulators but I'm not willing to download roms/isos for everything especially if I'm content keeping the physical disc and system. What works perfectly for me is setting up an emulator called "unemulated" which just displays a message to play on original hardware. Add in marking my unemulated games as not installed with badges and its working exactly as I want. I can launch the games I have a rom for, can find out which games I have played/own that I am missing roms for and can track which games I have and have not completed. I'm having great fun with the Series tags and having things arranged by Series, but I can't find a way to change how things are arranged within their categories they are arranged by. It defaults to alphabetical which is great, but sometimes I want to browse the action genre by release date or some other metric. Is there something I'm missing or is this a feature that is on/needs adding to the requested feature list? I don't expect Launchbox to have any of the things I've asked for anytime soon, It's more of a would it ever be done within the decade/is that a direction the program can expand into. As a user with minimal dev experience I definitely think Launchbox has the best chance of becoming the dream program I'm looking for.
  11. So I've come across LaunchBox as a possible replacement for playnite/gog2.0. My main goal is to have a master list of games I own, their playtime and achievements unlocked. So my biggest question is how viable will Launchbox be for that now and in the future? Things that I think are missing- More integrations, can I import my PSN, Microsoft Account, Battle.net, Itch.io, Twitch, Origin, Uplay? Playnite or GOG was able to get some information from them all so I'm assuming those are at least possible. Importing playtime and achievements from steam/gog profiles. GOG2.0 is able to grab my achievements from steam, itself and play station network so I'm assuming the respective APIs allow for that kind of data to be pulled. I fully recognize that Steam and GOG importing was added only a few weeks ago which is why I've given Launchbox an install, but is this a feature I could expect within the next decade for the platforms it's possible? I full expect to have to manually input my Nintendo Switch games as Nintendo doesn't want to share their data they have on my playtime. Exploring the options, I see Launchbox supports retro achievements, but I really don't care about non-developer defined achievements, I just want the lists that exist in steam/xbox/psn to be imported and tracked and a percentage to be calculated. (currently GOG keeps track of the percentage and displays earned achievements but not unearned ones.) Playtime is really insightful to me when I can sort/see it, helps me decide if I've gotten what I want out of a game, I assume the only way to do this right now is to buy premium and setup a custom tag and manually enter values, adding that as a default tag and having it import from the sources that share it would be a must have for me. Custom Themes- Ok so I know Big Box has custom theme/layout support, but I'm almost never going to run Big Box if I buy it. I tend to not like full screen menu apps. I'm a foobar2000 user, I want a theme/layout support for the base program, if its a premium feature that already exists I'll buy premium now and get setup but from what I can tell themes are limited to big box. I'd also like to ask how themes work/are made, I'm hoping I can code up any menu I want. The default launchbox layout is functional and might be most people's dream but I'm very picky and want MY layout. Web metadata- So I love the option to download trailer videos and banner images to my hard drive, but when I have 2k games in my library that's going to kill my hard drive space. Now half the solution is already implemented as I can ask it to download only cover images ect, but I'd like to have an option to have it pull the missing images from the web database on demand- particularly trailer videos if they are uploaded to youtube. Things I really like: Completion boolean! I can mark a game as complete if I feel I'm done with it! Source tracking- I find separating where I own a game to be very helpful, gog+playnite want to treat my games as a single entity, Launchbox respects my ability to separate them out and track by platform AND launcher/store Cloud Backup- I can export my data to the cloud and not worry about loosing it if/when I set everything up, import and select cover art, plus I'm assuming it gives me a profile to show off with. Ability to define platforms. Cover and cartridge displays are really cool. I look forward to generating images for these if I stick with Launchbox.
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