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  1. I don't know if this helps, but as stated above the most recent versions of PCSX2 do not allow the support of this plug-in. It appears something on PCSX2's end has been altered. I was able to roll back to 1.7.0-dev-1288 and everything worked fine again. This version is fairly stable for me so I am ok, however... There has been much improvement with this emulator over the last 6 months or so, and I hate that I can't update without breaking this. I wish that PCSX2 would just make it so we could have this functionality built in. Everyone has begged for it for years. Everyone else does game specific configs (Dolphin, CEMU, RPCS3, etc). Hopefully this awesome plugin can be updated again so we can function with newer builds of PCSX2. Some have discussed the plugin not working on the latest versions of Big Box, and I cannot confirm. With a compatible version of PCSX2 the plug in has always functioned for me through all versions minus the hotfix over last Spring or so. In conclusion, IT WORKS! May have to roll back to an older version of PCSX2. It still functions in Big Box under current build. Pray for new update for this plug in
  2. My findings on testing tonight are semi unexpected. I switched between the new Theme Builder and the Official quite a few different times. I'm confused. Performance on the TB version is better... in parts. The transitions between cover art and videos / screenshots are way different. TB seems to have the 3d flip transition coming into play where the Official did fades. Some images seem to pop in and then disappear. Some videos get weird artifacting as well which I did not see on the Official. My wheel performance was odd also. Once letting all the wheels load their images, I was still getting slow pop in for Logos compared to the Official. Scrolling is faster though by far! I hope this is fruitful, but for now I am going to resort back to the Official. I will keep an eye out. Regardless, a huge step in the right direction. Thank you for the efforts!
  3. Confirmed it does NOT work. Oh well, I thought that might happen. Launchbox works great but when launching a game it crashes due to window switch. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN AWESOME!!! Certainly not Launchbox's fault.
  4. Hey guys! I've been slowly testing out Retroarch and a few other emulators on the Quest 2. So far, I'm pretty impressed with what it can handle. I was curious if anyone has tried the new build on a Quest 2 yet. With a few other apps the Quest 2 seems picky about switching screens. Granted, running most out of Retroarch is fine... it would be killer to have Big Box in here without using my PC for anything. The goal is to have Gamecube and under on the go, but the beauty of Big Box would be very welcome. If no one has checked this out yet, I will post my results. Thanks!
  5. I am so glad that this forum is so easy to locate, and solve this issue. Obviously it's quite common with many of us. The service needed to be disabled also comes installed with most of our audio drivers so... Yeah... Poor Jason and Co for having to deal with it. At first it does seem like it would be an issue with Launchbox / Big Box. lol Glad you got it solved!
  6. @alec100_94 This plugin has been killer, and the standalone last year was great also!!! I have been risking it periodically and updating PCSX2 (and making backups previous to...). My last working build with this plugin was 1.7.0-dev-1288 (Sometime in May I think?). Tonight I downloaded 1.7.0-dev-1546, and now the configs do not apply. Everything is default. Not sure if you can pull any quick magic, but I wanted to give you a heads up if you weren't aware. I know you warned us that this may not work with current builds, but until now it was working great! I was able to roll back my PCSX2 version and keep ahold of my configs. Thank you again!!!
  7. Hey guys! Today I just overhauled my theme choices and went back to the wonderful Colorful Theme by Viking! In doing so, none of my startup videos felt fitting to me. Some of you may feel this still doesn't fit, but with how my scheme is I really like it alot given the quick 30 minute whip up. Comes in 1080p flavor, clocks in at 22 seconds, and sits at 32.7mb! I feel at home now. I feel like I've been non stop tweaking this dang thing since I purchased about a year ago... but so worth it! I will never look back. Preview of my current build with the Paint Drip Startup: Thank you Viking for your fantastic design choices on this theme. My only ask would be to put clear logo's of the platforms/playlists in place of the regular text when on a home screen. Maybe place platform clear logos on the game screen also. After awhile you may forget which platform you were in lol. Very nit picky crap. The theme is fantastic! Thank you so much for all the hard effort! Colorful Theme Link: Jason and Co., Thank you guys also! As always! This is the most fantastic front end ever. It's what I've dreamed of since I was a kid. You guys are the best! Paint Drip Startup.mp4
  8. Just a small update, my GF's PC started having the issue again all of the sudden. Not sure how the service became active again, but I'm guessing a driver update. All she had to do was disable the nahimec service again. So to be clear, proceed with full removal or disable. Should solve the issue if it rears it's head again. I just wanted to thank everyone on here one more time for the efforts. It would have been a huge bummer to using BigBox had we not found the solution quickly. You guys rock!
  9. Thank you for this. Great vid! The Flynn's would be proud
  10. Hey guys! Attached is a quicky startup I did the other day. Nothing too special... Just a 20 minute edit because I was tired of my old startup. Length: 25 seconds Resolution: 1920x1080 Music snippit: Opiuo x CLoZee - Bam Bam Enjoy BB Color Pop Startup.rar
  11. Also, I will be changing the video I uploaded to a different privacy setting so new launchbox users arent concerned with issues when searching Launchbox vids. I recommend this app to anyone that would be interested, and don't want to spread poor vibes. Easily the best tool for any of us gamers... New or old! ?
  12. Alright guys, confirmed!!! It's now working as intended after disabling service! @Jason Carrso that's 3 or 4 of us confirmed now? Great work guys! Thank you so much!
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