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  1. I downloaded the latest version of Launchbox directly from the website and installed it and my existing version was updated as normal, but Windows Defender tried to block me from opening the file. I told it to run anyway and that the LB website was safe to use. I hope that helps.
  2. Ok so I went straight to the website and downloaded 11.11 and got it installed and now all is good. However Windows Defender was pretty insistent that it was a virus and kept trying to block me from opening it, so I told it to shut up and open it anyway. I don’t know why Windows is being such an asshole about Launchbox here lately.
  3. Hello, I'm currently running Lauchbox Premium version 11.8, and it's working fine. However, sometime recently when I try and open LB I get an error message stating that the program cannot start because another program (like dropbox) is using the file. Then LB opens anyway. Or if I'm opening BigBox the error message pops up and then I have to open BB again for it to work. This in itself isn't that big of a deal since the programs eventually run anyway, but I've been unable to update the program the last couple times updates were available. When I try to run the update upon startup, the program closes and the error message comes up again, and then LB just goes back to asking if I want to update again, but never does. I tried going into the Updates folder within my LB folder and installing the updates from there, but 11.9 and 11.10 come up as being incompatible with my PC, which doesn't make sense. Does anyone have an idea why my computer suddenly hates Launchbox updates?
  4. Cool that’s good advice, much appreciated!
  5. Thanks very much for addressing my concerns, I might try getting back on that horse in the next little bit. I’m not afraid of a little work to get something going, I just didn’t want to put in the work to screw up my system.
  6. So this is probably a very noobish question, but I’m curious about trying Teknoparrot, however several things have been keeping me from attempting it so far. The first is the whole malware false-positive issue. I just wanted confirmation from those in-the-know that this program, as well as that Game Loader RH or whatever it’s called, are actually fine to use. The second issue I’ve had is in actually acquiring the program. I’ve visited the Tekno Gods official website and went to their downloads page, but it just brings up some scary message about my browsing not being private, and there’s no way to bypass it to get to any actual download link. My final concern is that Teknoparrot evidently requires some special C++ program and a special version of Direct X. Will installing this stuff mess up any of the other games and programs I have running on my current Direct X version (which I think is 11)? So I guess in short, is this program worth all the trouble that seems to be involved with it? And if so, could anyone provide a working download link? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Maybe by 1996 Atari could see that the Jaguar was not going to succeed as a home console and was looking to pre-market PR2 for a Playstation release. That's the most logical explanation I can come up with, because for a strictly 2D fighting game like this you'd think the Jag hardware would actually be better than the PSX.
  8. Apparently the test cabinet for Primal Rage 2 was also based on some kind of PS1 hardware, which I thought was strange because you’d think Atari would use its own Jaguar hardware like it did with Area 51.
  9. Hey, I'd read somewhere that the PS2 emulator could somehow be used to play arcade roms of machines that were based on PS2 hardware. Is there anything to this, and if so, how does it work? Also, how many arcade games were based on PS2 hardware?
  10. I found a little video the other day of one of the developers talking about their goals and process, and how they're trying to update MAME for "the 21st century" in light of having decades of programming baggage they'd like to streamline and whatnot. I forget how powerful MAME is if you really look at all its functions. I've even used it to emulate the Jaguar a couple of times before settling on Retroarch for that. For some reason I find all this talk of emulation and computer preservation really interesting, despite knowing pretty much nothing about programming myself.
  11. Wow that’s interesting! Since you introduced the terms LLE and HLE I looked them up and found this article that goes into detail about those concepts: https://emulation.gametechwiki.com/index.php/High/Low_level_emulation So now I’m wondering, since the majority of arcade machines in MAME are older and lower-tech games if it relies more on low level or high level emulation?
  12. Oh ok, so an emulator acts more as a translator for the host hardware, so a SNES emulator for a PSP takes a rom’s SNES specific coding and converts it into PSP compatible coding. Thanks for clarifying that for me. So I guess the MAME project is a large collection of these translation codes that people have been making for all those different games and systems. That makes more sense than what I was thinking.
  13. I absolutely love MAME, one of my favorite things in the world is sitting down with my atcade stick and exploring through hundreds of random old gems I’ve never heatd of, particularly Japan-exclusive stuff. but I kinda wonder how MAME even works. I understand the basic premise behind console or computer emulators, they’re artificial environments that trick game files into thinking they’re running on original hardware. With thousands of games running on different hardware, how is MAME organized? I can see that a lot of earlier games are based on Z80 or Motorolla 68000 chips, does MAKE have like two or three overarching architectures that can simultaneously handle all the different variants of those or does literally each and every game require its own emulation environment? Obviously some systems like Neo Geo only tequire one setup, but it still mystified me how one program can handle Donkey Kong and Time Crisis at the same time. if anyone can explain to to me in me nice dum-dum words I’d greatly appreciate it.
  14. Thank you for the response. Luckily I was able to get the Dolphin/Wiimote setup to work in MAME, but I had to follow the basic .ini instructions from this Aimtrak manual: https://www.ultimarc.com/AimTrak Setup Guide.pdf once I followed those instructions for MAME configuration it finally recognized my controller as an in-game cursor using mode 2.
  15. Thanks a ton for the detailed information, when I get a chance I’ll definitely start working on this! And you’re right, a big part will just be me trying to figure out what kinds of tables I’d want.
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