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  1. If you wish to pursue the method of using softlists then there is also a more in depth tutorial here: https://cdii.blogspot.com/2019/07/tutorial-how-to-set-up-mame-cd-i.html If you still have no success then I will try & find the original tutorial I used which does not use Softlists but still uses RetroArch. I have a feeling a saved it off somewhere.
  2. That is some very nice work & totally worth it. You might need to approach it somewhat more casually though or you will definitely burn out.
  3. In the back of my mind there is a check box for inverting axis. Although I didn't spot it on a cursory glance. It could be set on a per game basis. I will have a better look tonight.
  4. Yes sorry @Retro808, I realised after I posted that not everyone is going to be looking at the same view or theme that I do & thus your statement made sense. I really should look into to some form of macro that reduces font scaling back to 100% (currently on 300% recommended) because it also effects some DMD displays & menus on Visual Pinball. As more folks move towards 4k & even 8k TVs (even us Retro folks) someone cleverer than I will come up with a solution. Thanks again.
  5. That's a very comprehensive response @fromlostdays & very much appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the response; until you said it I had not realised the systems attempt at turning the ROM title into a logo. Obvious now you say it. As for how you know the games name when using a default logo (which I do), it says it in the main window 😉
  7. Thanks for the response @fromlostdays I have been doing that up to now, but MAME is a daunting prospect. But you wouldn't actually need a logo for every ROM, Big Box would just need to detect the absence of a clear logo & use the same placeholder (ideally set per platform). I did note someone asked the same question in 2016 (no responses) so there is probably a technical reason for it.
  8. I am almost embarrassed to ask this & I have searched the forums for an answer but.... Is there a way to set a default clear logo for game roms that don't have one? It probably seems trivial but I display Big Box on a 4K TV & the games without a logo are left showing a few letters from their name due to the font size zoom I have to use to read what's going on in the rest of the system. It's not a pretty sight.
  9. This video is very useful for setting up Visual Pinball, follow this through & you should be good. I would highly recommend you do NOT download this pack of tables posted here because there has been a lot of tweaking done to the set for the users specific setup & while it is possible to revert them back to their original form it isn't easy for someone new to the scene.
  10. I am presuming you are referring to MAME. In which case @Retro808 is correct however there is a Global Option to enable mouse as a trackball device. Being a little old school with regards to MAME I use MAMEUI to set all those defaults up, it's quick & easy.
  11. This is an excellent collection of Tables; thank you Haggie55 As has been previously mentioned the tables are set up for a specific monitor configuration which can be adjusted for single monitor setup via the method described by donarumo (which I was unaware of) or by editing the script to bring the original DMD back (described above). In most cases the background has also been disabled. Having no real knowledge of Visual Pinball & to save future readers from the same frustration, the process to enable them again is described below: I will use CSI in this example: 1) First identify the background image name. From the Table menu select Image Manager. The background image is usually the biggest image but the preview on the right will help. In this case the background is _CSI Make a note of the name & Close the Image Manager. 2) Now we need to enable it. From the View menu select Backglass/POV 3) From the View menu select Options. You should now be in the Graphics & Camera options window. 4) From the DT Image drop down select your backdrop image. In this case _CSI 5) Close the Options window by clicking View & Options again. 6) File menu & Save. That should be it, when you relaunch the table the background is back. I hope this helps someone.
  12. The other method is to use the DMD in the usual fashion, but (if the DMD is on it's side) you may need to edit the script setting "rol" from a 1 to a 0 (or visa versa). This allows you to use all the normal resizing, settings & the general messing about that you have to do.
  13. I missed it on the first read but this is for a slightly different setup than an asymmetrical view with the DMD on the left/right. It is for a top down view & usually the DMD is on a different monitor.
  14. This project appears to be going strong, they now have a recoil unit version that uses the same USB supply, different colours & some form of deal with Arcade 1up They are taking orders on Indiegogo. I could not resist.
  15. Just for the record I managed to set up the Philips CDi rather painlessly & with very little problem. It was the very first emulator I set up in both RetroArch & LaunchBox and this factor was the key to my success & failure setting up other systems further down the line. I did not use dummy files & I did import the ROMS directly into LaunchBox. The key to getting the CDi working in MAME is the following options need to be made: 1) Enable softlists (OFF) 2) Media type (cdrm) 3) Boot from CLI (ON) The problem (for me) was the first option. Obviously this works for the CDi but soflists need to be on for just about everything else. I was not aware of this at the time & the author of one of the tutorials I read incorrectly stated this does not effect anything else. It really does! The upshot of all this is I have a completely different RetroArch/MAME setup for the CDi & another for everything else. flatuswalrus quite correctly stated that you should be able to set up an directory override for a more elegant solution using one RetroArch installation, but I could not get it to work.
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