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  1. Napalm2016

    SMALL Coffee table / arcade / pinball

    Looks awesome love the pop out keyboard nice touch
  2. Napalm2016

    9.6-beta-1 Released

    Thanks Jason for bringing such cool features and working hard on it cant wait to try it :)
  3. This looks interesting don't know how I missed this 😃 do you plan on adding an option to view manual or view artwork?
  4. Napalm2016

    9.2-beta-2 Released

    Thanks @Jason Carr and @neil9000 I have no idea what the issue was but I copied the picodrive core settings and now seems to work with no problems so must have been a setting in retroarch itself somewhere
  5. Napalm2016

    9.2-beta-2 Released

    Hi @Jason Carr Great work as always loving the start up screens, I only having 1 issue I use Retroarch for most of my systems and all cores Ive tried seem to work properly apart from the Sega Genesis using the genesisplus core, when I start a game the startup screen starts then straight after the gameover screen appears before the game loads this core works for the others systems flawlessly e.g. Sega Master System, Ive tried the picodrive core and that's seems to work fine Im guessing this could be a core related issue rather than an issue with the startup screen maybe a setting Im missing? I guess I could just use picodrive core just curious what this could be any advice from anyone would be appreciated thanks
  6. Napalm2016

    the purists dont like Mame guys

    In a way I agree with the guy who wouldn't sell it to you as at the end of the day that machine has a big history and a purist as you put it, there are other methods to build a mame machine and have the artwork printed the same as what ever you want I know it may not feel the same but in my opinion is good enough without altering old machines just my opinion
  7. Napalm2016

    Some really basic questions from a (potential) new user...

    I have approx. 20000 games in the past it did lag a little but recently there has been a lot of performance improvement and now its very comparable and buttery smooth but like neil said depends on specs of your system
  8. Napalm2016

    Some really basic questions from a (potential) new user...

    I came from a Hyperspin/Rocketlauncher setup and have never looked back the complexity of setting both those up is so time consuming I wish I knew about Launchbox before I even tried but not sure it was about when I went with Hyperspin, Ive personally now stopped using Rocketlauncher aswell I know my around it quite well but for me decided to drop it as I don't need it, a lot of the stuff that I personally use Rocketlauncher for is either already included in launchbox or theres a plugin available to do the same thing launchbox is constantly being developed with new features I cant keep up with all new betas Jason has recently released lol no regrets here and the community is awesome and here to help if you get stuck on anything
  9. Napalm2016

    8.6-beta-1 Released

    WOW!!! mouse pointer disappeared from apps through bigbox works like a charm great work as usual Jason 😀
  10. Napalm2016

    Launchbox backup advice

    Thanks for the advice I am actually running on a laptop which is quite a beefy laptop though with an i7 processor and 16gb ram maybe the gpu is at fault but will be going on my desktop at some point when my man cave is finished 😀 which is more powerful than obviously the laptop, currently have 40 systems installed on launchbox with about 11000 games will tinker around with it, the performance is not too bad tbh and has got a lot better with the recent releases, Sounds like a good plan to backup all the xml files just to be sure 👍
  11. Napalm2016

    Launchbox backup advice

    Hi all Just curious how people are backing up their collection or any advice as what to use incase everything gets lost forever 😨 also would it be beneficial to store my media on an ssd drive Im currently using an external hard drive but can be slow loading at times thanks in advance
  12. Napalm2016

    Amiga WHD names are weird :)

    Yup worked for me I use winuae rather than FS-UAE no preference over either just the solution that worked for me although maybe the FSUAE has the huge database so might be better in the long run
  13. Napalm2016

    Amiga WHD names are weird :)

    I simply got a bulk renamer utility and you can set anything after the _ and rename the roms you can remove and import to launchbox and work like a charm the images will then download for the games that's the way I did it I know there is ways to do it on FS UAE but for me this worked so stuck with it
  14. Napalm2016

    8.0-beta-1 Released

    Ok thanks for the info Ill check it out
  15. Napalm2016

    8.0-beta-1 Released

    Hi Neil Yes Im on beta 2 the only plugin I have in the plugins folder is LaunchboxDB Match I havent touched my setup for a while so maybe I found something previously to add it but not sure its a mystery