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  1. That's what happens to me with that emulator Pause will not show and when I exit the Game Over screen doesn't show tried many emulators with great success but this one seems to be a stubborn beast 😬
  2. Thanks Lordmonkus mines pretty much setup the default way all emulators in the correct folder and media etc where they should be, so I don't even need to install launchbox I can just move it over?
  3. Hi Guys Could do with some advice please I currently have my full setup on my external drive problem is takes a while to load things up so I want to move launchbox and emulators across to my SSD drive to help make things abit snappier and leave all roms/media on the external drive whats the best way to do this do I need to reimport all my roms? I guess Ill have to change the path to the media aswell? Thanks in advance
  4. My Mame goes to a black screen when exiting seems to be to do with the startup screens when I Alt Tab brings up the game over screen then back to Bigbox
  5. Yeah I might wait until its release to see give me chance to save up also
  6. Lol I know what you are saying here but to me it seems very cool and he has been working on this for a couple of years already as Ive been following him on it unfortunately the release says October but as its kickstarter you know could be issues with production and delays on the way :(
  7. I wanted to share this with the forum if this is against the site rules then I apologies and please remove the post accordingly only sharing a product which I think is awesome and am no way affiliated with the creator of the product Wondered if anyone on here has seen the Sinden Light Gun? Works on LCD screens and CRT without the need for a sensor bar or recalibration the goal has already been smashed after a day but wanted to share with anyone who doesn't know about it here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sindenlightgun/the-sinden-lightgun/description
  8. Hi guys I'm looking to possibly purchase a mini PC due to space requirements I quite like the look of the Intel nuc hades canyon and wondered if anyone has one running with launchbox (bigbox specifically) what the performance is like on one of these machines Thanks in advance
  9. Looks awesome love the pop out keyboard nice touch
  10. Thanks Jason for bringing such cool features and working hard on it cant wait to try it :)
  11. This looks interesting don't know how I missed this 😃 do you plan on adding an option to view manual or view artwork?
  12. Thanks @Jason Carr and @neil9000 I have no idea what the issue was but I copied the picodrive core settings and now seems to work with no problems so must have been a setting in retroarch itself somewhere
  13. Hi @Jason Carr Great work as always loving the start up screens, I only having 1 issue I use Retroarch for most of my systems and all cores Ive tried seem to work properly apart from the Sega Genesis using the genesisplus core, when I start a game the startup screen starts then straight after the gameover screen appears before the game loads this core works for the others systems flawlessly e.g. Sega Master System, Ive tried the picodrive core and that's seems to work fine Im guessing this could be a core related issue rather than an issue with the startup screen maybe a setting Im missing? I guess I could just use picodrive core just curious what this could be any advice from anyone would be appreciated thanks
  14. In a way I agree with the guy who wouldn't sell it to you as at the end of the day that machine has a big history and a purist as you put it, there are other methods to build a mame machine and have the artwork printed the same as what ever you want I know it may not feel the same but in my opinion is good enough without altering old machines just my opinion
  15. I have approx. 20000 games in the past it did lag a little but recently there has been a lot of performance improvement and now its very comparable and buttery smooth but like neil said depends on specs of your system
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