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  1. So I ended up going ahead with my idea yesterday before I saw your post, but I think I made the right choice. Everything was successful and I've not had any problems. Basically my steps were: Copy the new set into a folder at the same folder level as the previous set (helpful to include the version number - 0.251 - in the folder name) In LB use the "MAME Full Set Importer" tool and point it at the new folder. Tell LB to update your existing MAME emulator (to keep settings I assume) and it will download and install the correct emulator version. I downloaded my assets after the fact and I ended up with a lot of duplicate assets but using the cleanup tool has mostly solved that. The result is: all playlists appear to be intact. I was using LB's built in "Favorites" flag to build my Favorites playlist and that transferred just fine. All other auto-playlists (genre, etc.) are still there and include the additional games I added in this set (previously I did not have a full set). I did not end up with any duplicate games, so LB was smart enough to recognize that by itself.
  2. Hi, I want to update my MAME Set to a much newer version. Do I simply re-run the Full Set Importer, point LB to the new ROMs, and LB will reference the new ROMs and use the newer version of MAME? What happens to the old ROMs within LB? Will any of my custom playlists (i.e. Favorites) be affected? If I mess this up will the LB backup restore even this kind of step?
  3. Perfect, the playlist idea will work just fine. Thank you. But that's interesting, I hadn't heard of other versions of LaunchBox with a badges feature... I'm on 10.15. Is it newer or older versions that have "badges"? edit: nevermind, I found the badges feature! cool
  4. Noob question: Ok, I've marked a handful of games as broken. Now, how do I see a list of these games so I can attempt to address the issues?
  5. I don't see the ability to hide BIOS ROMS in the import wizard. I'm referring to the ROM Import wizard, are you talking about the MAME Full Set import wizard? I'm afraid to run that again and mess up any thing that's already working (especially my favorites playlist).
  6. That's exactly what I'm seeing in the UI. Was wondering about that too. Thanks!
  7. I am not using the same version of mame, I am using the latest (v.221). Thank you, I'll try using the 0.193 version. As far as the rom set, I could only find merged versions of 0.221...
  8. I downloaded a set of "non-merged" v0.193 (latest I could find). I specifically sought out non-merged because I was under the impression that each game zip file contained all of the files needed to run that game. However, I didn't want a library of thousands of games so I carefully narrowed the list down to about 1000. Everything works fine except for a few games that I've noticed so far. For example X-men 4 player (rom "xmen") doesn't work. Mame gives me an error saying it's missing three files: 065-eba04.10d 065-eba05.10f xmen_eba.nv Doing some searching online I found that those files are found in the "xmene" zip file. I checked and indeed those files are in there. So I copied that zip file into my library folder and tried again in Mame and it gives me the same error. I don't understand anymore. Why aren't those files included in the "xmen" zip file? Why doesn't putting the "xmene" file into the library fix the issue? I'm using X-men as an example, but I'd like to find a solution for all games with a similar issue. Is there anyway to have Mame or Launchbox give me a list of all broken games?
  9. Aww man, too bad this isn't supported yet. I'm migrating from GameEx which does support spinner/trackball scrolling and it is so useful. You can really rip past games and quickly hone in on the one you want with precision. That will probably be the feature I miss the most.
  10. You may be right, but I think I tried that and it didn't work. I'm not sure but I think the Refresh Media only refreshes the games in the current view and with a playlist logo I'm not sure it refreshes that. I could be wrong. However, I just found the cache folder and simply deleting the folder and letting it rebuild (when you restart LB or BB) worked! It's here: \LaunchBox\Images\Cache-BB Note: I'm assuming this is not an issue with this theme, I just happened to encounter it while messing with this theme
  11. Hey, where did you find that? I'm having the same issue. Specifically, the issue I'm having is that it is not displaying most of my playlist clear logos. It displays one of them (Recently Played) but doesn't display the rest. I've placed the images in both locations: \LaunchBox\Themes\Colorful - Light\Images\Platforms\Clear Logo and in their individual folders: E.g.: \LaunchBox\Images\Playlists\Classics\Clear Logo
    I am blown away by this theme. Can't wait to see more! There are some issues with using the white background and certain logos, but hopefully those can be overcome with time. Also the custom game videos are sometimes obscured in an awkward way by the 2D game box when browsing, but it works great 90% of the time and the remaining 10% I can live with because I wouldn't change a thing about the layout so far.
  12. Is there a way to delay (or perhaps even completely disable) the disappearing game/menu wheel? I'm using the Unified custom theme and I'm speaking about the circular wheel that appears when you scroll up or down (either through consoles, playlists, or games). I just think it disappears to quickly when you stop on a game. Is this a theme setting or global to BigBox?
  13. When I go to "Download Platform/Playlist Theme Videos" there is a button there to "preview" the video selected. When I click it, VLC player launches, appears to buffer, but then just gives up and doesn't play anything. Any known way to fix this? I thought there was an option to use VLC or another player, but I can't seem to find that option anymore.
  14. Yes, but Retroarch (with Stella core) doesn't support that Atari controller.
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