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  1. Hi all, Have a strange one. I have previously loaded and saved my roms into LB no problem. But recently noticed that I was missing a rom in particular. Virtua Cop 2. It had previously been loaded. However I tried to re load the rom to LB but it comes back saying 0 saved. I can't now seem to load this rom. Has anyone come across this before? Any suggestions? Thank you
  2. Okay thanks ill give this another go. Maybe I missed something last time. But essentially your saying I can combine the pedals just for the bigbox application? And not for the teknoparrot application.
  3. So later found that combing the pedals fixed the issue in big box. But the lost functionality in certain games ie MKDX. I couldnt brake for example. So had to revert back and un combined pedal settings. Any other solutions for this?
  4. Yes, I have seen this setting you are referring to. I'll give that a go. It makes sense. Thank you both. Much appreciated.
  5. Hi all, Recently bought a logitech g29, working perfectly with my emulators etc. However when in bigbox the selection wheel of emulators constantly turns. I can stop this by half pressing on the pedels of the steering wheel. But surely thats not right? Anybody else had this? Anyway to resolve this? TIA
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