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  1. In the case of CityHunter, I downloaded "the grid," from the CityHunter download list, changed its name to "Background" and switched it out with the other video that was it in the CityHunter video folder. It plays in the background as soon as Big Box starts up. With the CriticalZoneV2, however, I just changed the View to Vertical Wheel 2 by pushing the keyboard key assigned to Switch View.
  2. I appreciate the suggestions, but unfortunately, it is still not working after trying the repair feature, doing an update, and then doing a new install. I think that there must be some kind of issue when having a video in the background. I tried other themes and they all worked well before I tried to reinstall the CityHunter. After the error reports continued, I figured that I would just have to find something else, so I went with CriticalZoneV2 - BlueBox. I downloaded it from within Big Box and everything was working perfectly fine, until I switched the view to having the blue flame burning in the background. When I went into the menu options and returned to the games, I got another error report.
  3. Thank you for getting back to me! I am running City Hunter 2 with "The Grid" as the background video. The video was renamed to "Background."
  4. Hello all, I'm having an issue with Big Box where whenever I leave the Game Wheel to go to the Options Menu, I get an Error Report when I try to return to my games. I have attached an image of the report that I get when I leave the Options Menu. Big Box works perfectly fine otherwise, and this wouldn't be too big of an issue if I wasn't about to move my P.C. into an arcade cabinet that I built, so I won't have a mouse as readily available to close the Error Window. I am hoping that, like some other users who have posted their error messages, someone can take a quick look at what is wrong and find a simple solution. Thank you so much for your help!
  5. Thank you; everything worked perfectly! I cannot believe how simple this was! I've been tempted to skip over this aspect of my build out of fear that I'd somehow ruin the controls for the other games, get stuck in the wrong mode, or if the extra work would be worth it to just play a few games a little better, but with this plugin, it just became the easiest step of all! I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much I appreciate your work!
  6. Hi! This looks amazing and just what I have been looking for! I'm fairly new to all this, so it has been a little frustrating every time I search for a good tutorial for my servostik, LEDBlinky always seems to part of their equation. I'm a little nervous about messing around with controller support options. Many MAME games have controller supports listed, but I'd say a majority of my games do not, especially games using different emulators. I only have a small hand full of 4-way games, so would it work to just make sure all of the 4-Way Joystick games have the option selected and leave the rest alone? It almost appears to me (like I said, I am new at this) that the plugin has 8-way selected as a default, so when you would start up a 4-way game, the servostik would switch to 4-way, then switch back to 8-way after you exit from the game? Thank you for any help or advice you can give me; I have spent a lot of time finally getting everything to play just right and I really do not want to mess anything up!
  7. Update: Yup, the .bin was the issue! After I deleted those .zip files and replaced them with a different set that had .pic inside of them, everything starting working perfectly!
  8. Sorry for bumping an old topic, but I too am having this issue when trying to load Naomi GD games, and I feel like I have followed every setup guide correctly. I have been successful loading regular naomi, atomiswave, and cave games in DEmul and have run other chd games like SF3 and KI2 in Mame just fine, so I'm really stumped as to what I am doing wrong here! In my roms folder for DEmul, I have the game .zip, a folder with the same name as the game with the chd inside of it, and the naomi, naomi2, and naomigd bios zips, but when I try to load a naomigd game, I get an, "unable to find 317-####-jpn.pic" in romset ****. My only idea of what might be wrong is when I look inside the game zip, it says it is a .bin and not a .pic? Thank you for your help!
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