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  1. Maybe a type of watermark covering the majority of the center could work, the user would have to ask for permission or pay to have the actual video. Another idea would be to present the layout in a way that is similar to a platform video theme but within that video box would actually be the presented theme, if that makes sense.
  2. Hello All, thank you for your responses. The issue has been resolved, I didn't realize demul didn't check sub folders, once I placed the game archive, chd and bios in the same folder the game ran successfully. Thanks again everyone for your assistance.
  3. Hello All, Sorry for the late response. The chd files are all actually unzipped. I placed the chd in the ggxx foler but it still said that it couldn't find it. After then extracting the game archive and placing the chd file in with the correct plugin path I received a new error. I'm not sure what this means. I changed the plugin path from mame to ggxx, that could possibly be it.
  4. No, what name should the folder be? I have the entire chd pack of .204. Even when unpacking the chd I still received the error.
  5. I'm currently at work right now but guilty gear xx is what I used as a test rom. I believe the error indicates that gdl0011.chd is not found in romset ggxx.
  6. Yes I have the chd plugin selected. No it still thinks I dont have the nessicary chd files even though I pointed the emulator toward the mame folder with the chd set included.
  7. Hello All, This is a follow up to my previous post regarding demul and Sega Naomi. I was able to import the Naomi games thanks to @DOS76, unfortunately when I try to launch a GD rom, demul appears but nothing happens after that. I receive no errors from Launchbox or Demul. Could this be an issue with a plugin in Demul? Non-GD roms are able to launch fine and I have the roms & bios directory highlighting my mame folder with a merged chd set included. Thanks!
  8. Hello all, To cut to the chase I'm having issues importing Sega naomi games into Launchbox. When the import process is done I get a message stating that '0 games have been imported'. I suspect that is is an issue I mistakenly caused, deleted the games from their folders then removed them in launchbox from what I remember, since this was a few months back. I checked the form and I think it could be a xml file but I'm not sure. I haven't tried other platforms yet. Thanks!
  9. Hello I have a quick question, where do I place the background videos for City Hunter? I'm receiving a error that might be related to the issue. Thanks!
  10. I would be worried about the legality of storing roms on cloud services, especially since Nintendo is starting to sue any website that distributes or hosts roms. They aren't explicitly hosting roms, but they are hosting roms for their customers that emulate games.
  11. Can't wait for the update, plan to use this for my cab.
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