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    Greetings everyone! Its my first day here....to the developer/creator of launchbox/bigbox, nicely done! I have a quick question maybe someone can help with please. I seen on youtube everyone adding this to kodi. I assumed that they were doing this on a firestick device but I forgot kodi is also on windows/linux computers. Anyways, I just purchased a fire tv2 BOX. from what I have read it is the most powerful amazon device (or close to it). I have minimal linux experience as I have been slowly learning the past year or so. I took a leap of faith an attempted to "root" my amazon box. Here is my question..... Having "root" I am able to mount more storage, create partitions and chose the file system for that partition. If I were to create a partition that would hold windows (or whatever pieces of the windows system I need for launchbox) would I then be able to use this on my firebox? Or should I just give up the firebox hope? I don't blame you for ending the amazon support after reading about your experience with them? Besides my question above....to the launchbox devs,..... is putting the amazon version onto github something you guys might (or have) considered? I don't have the experience but I bet you guys might be able to get some "community support" (or volunteers) with the skills to keep the project moving? Just a thought. Thanks again for your beautiful work of art.
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