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  1. 😱 ... of course. For some reason, I thought UUID was revelant only for games that I would download from within FS-UAE Launcher, not for games I manually downloaded and scanned... Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my uber-noob question and sorry for another case of https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pbcak I might try and use the latest dev builds of FS-UAE, wait for a new stable version that does not require to use UUIDs, or follow the tutorial to setup FS-UAE UUID. I'll have a lot of fun in any case. 🙂 Thanks again Zombeaver.
  2. Hi, Great work!! This is one of the best tutorial I have seen in a long time (video + files + text + forum!). It has helped me to understand the logic of FS-UAE and to make it work properly. For Launchbox however, I am still a little bit confused. You see, I have downloaded several lha / WHDLoad files. They ALL run perfectly when launched from FS-UAE. I have imported the same files in Launchbox - but I run into the following problem: - for some files, I can launch them from Launchbox without any issue. - for some other files, I get a "Guru meditation" error message say
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