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  1. I think TXT method still useful only for LaunchBox RL users for importing and creating the games list to pass at RL since you need however to configure each game manually .
  2. Hi! I was searching for a fast method to configure Teknoparrot with LaunchBox, (i am writing some tutorial for my site) and every guide i found are using the "TXT method", creating a txt file for every TP games... it works but it's a useless work! After some search i found this new method, i haven't found any tutorial talking about his so i decided to show here my method. Add Teknoparrot emulator as always but in the "Default command line parameters" use this "--profile=%romfile%.xml" and enable all the 3 option below like in the first pics. You need to inserti that command line
  3. I Have created this bunch of .bat files for helping sorting and importing complete MAME romset into LaunchBox. It saved me a lot of time and i hope it will be the same for some other user. With MAME ROM extractor you can automatically copy in a new folder only the ROM files for that platform, so for example just place "SNK Neo Geo.bat" inside your romset folder and run it, it will copy all the Neo Geo Rom in a new "SNK Neo Geo" folder, Ready to be imported with LaunchBox without touching or moving file from your romset. MAME Dummy rom maker are useful for RocketLauncher user
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