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  1. I totally agree! All your hard work in creating currently non-existent media is by far better than none at all. Great job!
  2. Oh wow! This is AWESOME! I have been searching for something just such as what you created! Definitely would LOVE for you to upload them. It would be fantastic if you would graciously provide the logos as well. Excellent work!
    That is a beautiful rendition of the logo! Fantastic coloring. Hopefully you will create a matching BigBox logo as well!
  3. Very nice videos! Definitely interested in what else you create
  4. Thanks for the quick response. I will definitely work on finding some of the images. I am more than happy to help. This theme just gets better and better! Animated marquees now, man you are unstoppable!!!!
  5. The dedicated Arcade theme with the Marquees is going to be AMAZING!!!! I know you are a busy man RetroHumanoid, but i am curious about your Genre videos. Do you have any plans on making the following: 3-Player, Action & Adventure, Classics, Horror, Point & Click, Role-Playing, Sci-Fi, Simulation, or Strategy? If not, can you inform me on how you compose your videos. I have some skills in photo and video editing and I would love to make missing genre and collection playlists videos to match your awesome theme. Much love & best regards!
  6. I bow down to you RetroHumanoid! I have been wanting a unified theme with all the bells and whistles. This is exactly what I have wanted. Can't wait to get my hands on it soon. A HUGE thanks for all your hard and amazing work!
  7. Hi Harryoke, is it possible to get your decade logos also without the silver ring? BTW thanks for all your videos. They are AWESOME!
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