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  1. So 11.5 just came out with this... - Improvement: Better theme compatibility for installs that don't support symbolic links (such as on network drives or external drives running the exFAT file system). Not all themes are supported in this scenario, but theme support should be much improved. We still do not recommend running LaunchBox or Big Box off of a network drive or an external drive with the exFAT file system. So is this the fix I still have everything working fine with my manual simlinks.. just curious.
  2. Just a quick update Ran a bunch of games from multiple platforms, no issues Looked at some images, manuals, videos, no issues Looks like this is the fix for me at least for now! As for performance, it runs pretty much just as fast for me on the NAS as it does locally. Some people complain about slowness, but I think that might be when you first load it and it hasn't cached any images etc... Once you play it for awhile all that gets cached and seems to run very smooth. Also might be the latest code/release updates speeding things up too. Either way, IT RUNS GREAT ON A NAS!
  3. So I got to thinking after talking with Matris some, while Windows doesn't allow symlinking, my NAS itself should. So I went into FreeNAS (my NAS) and ran the command, ln -s /mnt/v01/Data/Emulators/LaunchBox/Themes /mnt/v01/Data/Emulators/LaunchBox/Core/Themes This manually created the symlink for the Themes directory, although you would also have to do this for all the other directories that need symlinks like manuals, images, etc... (list below) After I did this I launched BigBox from my NAS and sure enough, it WORKED! The linked directories in the \LaunchBox\core folder were linked properly and had links to all the files as needed. I literally just tested this so haven't even tried a game yet, but this looks like it may be a better work around! List of directories you will need to manually create symlinks for on your NAS, Images LBThemes Manuals Music PauseThemes plugins StartupThemes Themes ThirdParty Videos
  4. Saw 11.4 just came out with this update... Fixed: Big Box stability issues with certain themes (introduced in 11.3) Just wanted to let everyone know, it doesn't resolve the issue I have been talking about here Was hopeful for a quick second.
  5. Hey Matris, glad to hear I wasn't the only one running off a NAS But yeah, from everything I tried there was no fix, I couldn't create symlinks manually, and if I wanted to get it to work it would probably take up a lot more space as I would have to duplicate a lot of files between the lanuchbox dir an the core dir in order to get everything to work, its more then themes that require the symlinks, it looks like it creates links for other folders too like manuals, etc... So for me I just decided to follow Jason's advice and move all my Roms to another folder outside of launch box then use a syncing tool to copy/sync the whole LaunchBox dir to my 3 computers around the house. I wish there were another way as LaunchBox itself is like 250 GB on my disks!!! I hope they come up with a fix soon as I would like to run this on my NAS again eventually as LaunchBox will only grow in size probably, I feel like old Themes should be updated by the creators or deprecated imo to help resolve this issue... but I am probably in the minority there. I know hard decisions had to be made though and I have things working now like I said... just a big pain having all these sync jobs having to run and extra disk space wasted on 3 computers.
  6. I have this same issue with 11.2 and now 11.3... Not quite sure what the issue is but seems to be specific to certain machines as my main Windows machine has this issue, but my other two don't...
  7. Thanks, and appreciate your due diligence. I just tried creating the symlinks myself using windows... but it doesn't like/support symlinks on network shares apparently... You can map a network share to a local disk but that's it (I even tried mapping it to a local drive but that didn't help either). Right now I am in the process of moving my Roms out of the LaunchBox folder and will see if I can pair down the size of the launchbox folder itself to do just what you said. That said... Is there any easy way to move LaunchBox to a local drive, or are their any hard links that might still point to the network path? Basically can I just sync the folder I have on the network share to a C:\ drive and just use the network folder as a "sync" location for all the local drives to sync to? Seems like I am going down the same path as you at this point
  8. I understand change is necessary.. I was just asking what the thought process was for using symlinks vs actual links to those folders? It seems like an unnecessary step imo but again could be proven wrong... was just curious is all, no offense intended. Just read it is probably related to backwards compatibility to themes, I guess their is a trade off there then... either make theme developers support the latest version that would remove the need for symlinks.. or don't allow people to run LaunchBox on a network share. Which is more important.. apparently you all decided and not arguing with anyone on it.. just curious is all. Also I realize I was impacted by this... but I can only assume others run LaunchBox on a network share as well... I can't be the only one If so then by all means don't worry about me, ill figure something out Again not trying to offend anyone, I THANK all the people working on this as it is a cool product, but its also a product I purchased so some level of support/empathy is always nice
  9. Is there a repo with older versions? I don't have 11.2 in my updates folder.. probably because I started with 11.2 I do hope this can be fixed in the future.. not sure why you all create symlinks to these folders in the core folder and don't just use the original paths.. I am not a pro-programmer by any means.. but just wondering what the logic is there.
  10. Yeah, must be something with the symlinks... This all worked fine in the last version though. The reason I have LB on a network drive is the massive size of all the videos/images/music etc, its very large to say the least and I want to run BigBox on multiple computers around my house, some with limited drive space. Just curious why this used to work and doesn't now.. seems like a feature that used to work.. Guess ill have to figure out how to roll back and hope this gets fixed in the next version as it makes it unusable for me
  11. I think I might see whats happening... BigBox is looking for the theme in \LaunchBox\Core\Themes\, but BigBox installs the theme into \LaunchBox\Themes\... So for some reason BigBox wants it in the \LaunchBox\Core\ Folder???
  12. Yes, I have LaunchBox on a network drive. I can run Launchbox and BigBox though.. the Themes folder is empty though where it is looking for that xml file.. not sure why its empty I redownloaded the theme even.
  13. Seems like the folder LaunchBox\Core\Themes\ is empty which is throwing the error like others suggested.. I tried removing and re downloading but nothing populates in there? I was using the Unified and Ultrawide theme.
  14. So I just updated to BigBox, had to do a .Net update as well which I did and rebooted... When I open big box I get an error saying "An error occured while parsing the custom PlatformWheel2FiltersView..." Any ideas how to fix this? Is rolling back to 11.2 easy??
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