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  1. Well just downloaded it and didnt expect much as I used Youtube Scraper for about 30 minutes before deleting it. Didnt work probably due to version updates rather than plugin problems. But on the topic this one works perfect. Downloads fast and correct(at least so far) files.
  2. BZZ


    Did you guys managed to get it to work at the end ? Asking before I embark on this journey (or simply leave it).
  3. Launchbox was on another drive. Yes it was only these two platforms. It is very unlikely that the format had anything to do with it, it is simply odd that it happened immediately after format. I mean format, driver install all other things you do before you start gaming....
  4. No plugins whatsoever. Only Launchbox with bios and emulator files added.
  5. The launchbox was installed and that is it. Emulators were added and path to games. Before formating the system drive there were no duplicates. The appeared right after format.
  6. Ok mate. Launchbox clearly has the code to do it if it does it in another location. The problem has been solved anyway. I have not interfered with my launchbox drive in anyway with external scrapers. That by the way are not awful but great and useful. I used them with Batocera, Recalbox and Lanka. I do not know what caused creation of these files in that location but whatever it was had no external interference.
  7. I do not use scrapers with Launchbox. I do use them but not with this front end. There is no external programs other than ones launchbox uses by itself.
  8. No mate, I am not using any external scrapers with Launchbox.
  9. Well yes... I did not create the files though, so launchbox must have. Or I've done it in involuntary manner by clicking something in launchbox.
  10. Well I solved my own problem immediately after posting. Sorry, but might help someone. Go to (...)\LaunchBox\Data\Platforms and remove the XML files that say 'backup'. For some reason Launchbox was loading both the original file and the backup.
  11. So recently I formated my C drive and at the same time changed order of all my other disks. This has broken all links to games in Launchbox, which was not a problem as it gave me opportunity to clean and clear them a little. Unfortunately now I have duplicates in 3DO and Xbox360. What the program does it it adds the old file locations at the same time as the new ones. It is not a case of Cue/Bin/Iso. So it goes like that: I open the launchbox it has duplicates in 3DO and Xbox360. I remove duplicates and close the programs. I open the program again and the duplicates are back. Is that a known issue? Does anyone know how can I remove them permanently? Is it a 'config' problem wheres 1 file somewhere can be removed and list will re-fresh ? Thank you in advance.
  12. BZZ

    Inappropriate Media

    It would be considered more of waste of time to use the database that is incomplete more than requesting someone to change their mind. I use few front-ends and while I prefer Launchbox interface there are others that offer better media base. It is hard to choose between these. If Launchbox would have better build media base it would be amazing.
  13. BZZ

    Inappropriate Media

    I have not asked you to join in or speak nor to agree. I have kindly asked Jason to reconsider and look at my suggestions. I am sure others would have their own if it comes to that.
  14. BZZ

    Inappropriate Media

    Again - Mario doing Yoshi is bad example as, as mentioned before 'if people amuse themself adding own inappropriate media that should be removed'. So anything that is not 'official' has green light to be removed. Nintendo is a service that loves to remove media - yes. Adding an option for people to choose to see or validate their age would help would it not? Most big companies including Nintendo have 1 single button agreement with 'yes I am 18 or over' or 'no I am 17 or under'.
  15. BZZ

    Inappropriate Media

    I get that. Jason is the man in charge and very kind in his replys. This is exactly why I suggest adding that option to peoples profiles. Jason should take a look at the topic and people requests and reconsider. However deeply religious or offended you might be by that it should not fog your vision of actual gaming history.
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