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  1. @Zazamastro I've uploaded a new version as it seems download speed was crippled in youtube-dl. not sure what the reasons are, but for me it was about a 10th my line speed. Simply switched over to yt-dlp which is a fork of youtube-dl with some extra features, and seems to saturate my line. give it a try and see if it works better for you, or let me know if there are any issues.
  2. I forgot to label the one file as source/master, my bad. As for it being slow, I seem to think so too. I recall it being much quicker. I checked with an older version because I know when I added the trimming it changed things a little, but even the older version is slow. Or maybe its all in my head and it was always slow, but Ill definitaley investigate.
  3. Seems to still be working my end. It seems to be slower than it used to be🤔. Anyhow, are you maybe not mistaking this with "Youtube Scraper" by srxz as that was what "Vidsnap Scraper" is based off of:
  4. O ok, I'll have a look and post an update when I get a gap so unfortunately no eta
  5. I guess so. Is it not working anymore? or are you looking for more functionality
  6. commented out those messages, didn't actually test it but fairly sure it should work. Let me know if it doesn't. I'll keep in mind for a future version maybe to write an error log.
  7. Oh I'll take that out no problem. It was for testing purposes mainly.
  8. minor update as I said I would earlier. Tested it on 55 games, downloaded and trimmed 52/55, but that's not necessarily the trimming (I actually think it just didn't find those videos). Trimming takes much longer though as it has to re-encode the video.
  9. Yes, @C-Beats is right. The problem is I opted to copy the videos instead of re-encode them. I did this because copying is much quicker (tbh I didn't test re-encoding to see the how long it would take). I'll do this as a quick fix in the mean time (at least I think it should work). I'll also check out AviDemux. However what I would like ultimately is to only download a portion of a video.
  10. Yeah there's definitely some bugs I need to work out or at least some learning to do with FFmpeg. I think the dead seconds is the part between the closest previous keyframe and the cut position. FFmpeg supposedly uses an edit list to instruct the player to start from the cut position, but unfortunately not all players support edit lists. I also noticed it getting stuck on some videos sometimes, which hasn't heppened before, but sometimes that same video would complete in another run. I didn't change anything else relating to the downloading part however I did notice once FFmpeg is in the same folder as youtube-dl it allows downloading of higher quality/different formats. I'll look into these issues as soon as I have a bit more free time, which unfortunately is hard to come by at the moment. With regards to previewing videos etc. I doubt that would be anytime soon, or at all, sorry. Besides being a significant developement to the current, theres also the issue of the plugin potentially "scraping" 100's of videos which could lead to issues with google/youtube putting up capchas or IP bans... who knows. I guess I should put a disclaimer in the original post. But who knows, I might look into it one day as that would be kinda cool.
  11. I've put together something that kinda works as a start. please try v0.3.0:
  12. Na no other suggestions yet. I'll maybe look into it from around Tuesday or so, but it'll take me quite a while and i cant make any promises as Im not a developer, just like to mess around. Google search may have quotas etc so may be easier to use a third party like Vidsnap Scraper does. Ill be in touch.
  13. No problem. Yeah, I intend to implement "search terms" input and some things to increase success rate, maybe have more results and pick the best match (honestly not sure), but unfortunately depends on what YT has. I did intend it for Modern Windows titles as i don't think emu-movies has many (see below). Yeah, I'm kinda banned from emu-movies but that's completely my fault (created a second account cos I forgot my first, then remembered my first and used both... long story). However, I think a service/database like that (LB also) takes time and effort and they probably deserve compensation for it, so it's always good to support where we can. Vidsnap_Scraper will remain free though?
  14. @JoJoJuJu59 Could you try this one with your LB 11.3? if it works, kudo's to @JoeViking245. If it doesn't, maybe you could consider updating to 11.8 as it's pretty good imo Vidsnap_Scraper v0.1.3 Legacy.zip
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