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  1. Na no other suggestions yet. I'll maybe look into it from around Tuesday or so, but it'll take me quite a while and i cant make any promises as Im not a developer, just like to mess around. Google search may have quotas etc so may be easier to use a third party like Vidsnap Scraper does. Ill be in touch.
  2. No problem. Yeah, I intend to implement "search terms" input and some things to increase success rate, maybe have more results and pick the best match (honestly not sure), but unfortunately depends on what YT has. I did intend it for Modern Windows titles as i don't think emu-movies has many (see below). Yeah, I'm kinda banned from emu-movies but that's completely my fault (created a second account cos I forgot my first, then remembered my first and used both... long story). However, I think a service/database like that (LB also) takes time and effort and they probably deserve co
  3. @JoJoJuJu59 Could you try this one with your LB 11.3? if it works, kudo's to @JoeViking245. If it doesn't, maybe you could consider updating to 11.8 as it's pretty good imo Vidsnap_Scraper v0.1.3 Legacy.zip
  4. Ah I see. Was just thinking of the people who bought an older version. I guess if there are many requests for it (doubtful) I might look into it, but otherwise I think you're absolutely right.
  5. Thanks for the heads up, I'm not sure about the timeline of launchbox and which framework which version requires, could I change Vidsnap_scraper to be more backwards compatible by lowering .netframework version???
  6. Thats interesting, thats about the only bits that are the same between the two codes, but I doubt it's that as its pretty standard stuff... perhaps its a .netframework thingšŸ¤” Anyway, if I think of anything i'll get back to you.
  7. Ok so you don't even get the icon/item in the right-click menu? and you do have other working plugins, and there are no errors during LB startup. Thats right before anything even really starts so not sure what that could be but I will try to look into it for you but. you're on windows 10? which game are you testing out? platform? Sorry these are all shots in the dark. Perhaps someone else here could shed some light.
  8. Hi there, sorry to hear it doesn't work for you. Could you try changing the folder name to "Vidsnap_Scraper" (with the underscore) and trying again? i changed this at some stage and forgot to change the writup, apologies. Both of these are made by @srxz and maybe he could shed more light. I think Youtube Scraper needs an update or something, I think it uses YouTubeSearch library which unfortunately is kinda defunct due to Youtube changing things all the time. Steam Scraper works well for me too.
  9. No problem, its a pleasure. I started with your code and not knowing anything and ended up changing quite a bit so I've kept a similar name as homage to the original. I only posted here on suggestion, but I actaully still feel it should be tested and improved (by me or others), thats why I originally posted it in the "3rd party applications and plugind (Developement and Beta Testing)" section. I've posted the source there as well. see below: but yeah, i'll post the source here too to get more eyes on it maybe.
  10. Ive uploaded a new version. For now ive implemented what @JoeViking245 has suggested. But will look into it further.
  11. Interesting, I've tested it out and it seems to give me the path of where the dll is. i.e. C:\Users\<Username>\LaunchBox\Plugins\Vidsnap_Scraper It seemed to me that "GetExecutingAssembly()' referred to the dll. Thanks, i'll have a look into it.
  12. Thanks for the advice, just copied whatever VS game me. Is this because it's already in launchbox core folder?
  13. I've just tried out @C-beats recommendation and it works fine. I'll try yours too (will just have to figure out how it works - for learing purposes). Thanks!
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