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  1. Total commander have bulk rename function. Just select the files you want renamed, press ctrl+m red box i your rename mask, green is how your output is. You can use * as a wildcard.
  2. Yes I have full MAME set (0.226 Merged) , and used mame importer. If I import all clones as separate It finds all clones, then I can use consolidate roms, but it is still not consolidate all. Now I have used FBANeo romset and imported as roms with consolidate option, it seems to do the trick for most games, but I can do the rest manual. So now my question is, I have lots of clones like on the picture How to chose default colone to run for LB and BP? And another question, can I change retroarch core per game?
  3. as pictured, I can't select the game clones that are available in the zip file. As you can see, only one can be selected. The NOCD version is missing which is available in the zip file and it works fine in plain mame, where can I change which rom version is mame running? All nocd files from this picture are working in mame, but can't select them in launchbox I know I can import all clones as separate games, but mess it creates is collosal
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