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  1. Hi, first I would like to thank you for this amazing theme, now I'll ask for this specific themes now that these emulators are getting better, an now that big box is my main front end for all my games including pc, -turbo grafx cd -Nintendo super Famicom -Nintendo switch -Sony Playstation 3 -Microsoft Xbox 360 -windows pc games I know that you're working on 2 new platform themes but please make these so I can see my game collection great I know that I'm asking too much Thanks!
  2. Hi, I have been Using Launchbox for android quite a while, since I bought the android version, I've having this issue with the Android export wizard, it doesn't reconogize Nintendo Famicom as a platform, it copies the games, but in launchbox android in the nintendo Famicom, section it won't let me choose an emulator, hope this issue will get fixed soon so I can play my Nintendo Famicom Collection, thanks
  3. here's a pic from my pc, my display is a samsung tv full hd at 1080p, I use an nvidia geforce 960 on windows 10 latest
  4. 125% and 150% show the issue but I always use 125%
  5. Hi, I have an issue with the text when my screen is scaled more than 100%, that's the only issue im running right now, no issue with sound yet.
  6. Hi, first: great theme, second: where I can find th addon background for snes MSU-1 that has the video from the video platform set, the one with the 2 snes controllers and the logo for SNES msu-1, please help, Thanks
  7. Hi, First I want to say: Great Work for this Theme, I Install it when launchbox added the multi theme option, and I loved, second: i Have an issue with this theme because I'm from Colombia and my windows is in Spanish(Mexico) so, when i Launch the theme in any view The icons for the single player control o multiplayer don't appear, I tried putting windows on English but no luck, maybe in a future release of the theme a fix for this issue, third: I have a Suggestion for the Wii Ware theme, in my launchbox scrapper is named WiiWare, no spaces so i can't see this theme, maybe a correction or a modification so it can accept the two variants of the name, and finally fourth: i suggest the theme for NEC TurboGrafx-CD, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Famicom, Nintendo Super Famicom, Sony PSP and Sony PS3. Again great Theme.
  8. hi i have ain issue with the theme, in my games collection the icons of the gamecube controllers that correspond to single player, multiplayer etc, don't appear except for the arcade platform, please help me with this issue, I like this theme a lot because it shows exactly what I need to view from my games, thanks in advance.
  9. Hi, thanks for the great theme that's been evolved from awesome to superb, I have this issue when playing videos with WMP, but now in the new update I have similar issues with the text too, and with the game videos section, please help, thanks
  10. also, I found that when BigBox try to play an .webm video the theme don't show it I use this format in the windows/steam category that laucnhbox download by default.
  11. Hello, I like you to add 5 more systems that i have in my computer, 1 arcade clasics, 2 turbografx 16, 3 nintendo famicom , 4 nintendo super famicom and 5 wiiware, i bet you're working on all the platforms that @viking made on video format but these ones is my special request, for everything else the theme is great! good work.
  12. hello, I like very Much this Theme specially the vertical list view 3, but is there a way to make game list view 3 video to not stretch 16:9 video to 4:3 and just put the black bars?, i like the view because shows the front boxart and the rating but i don't like when i'm on platforms that the video is 16:9 to stretch to 4:3. (sorry for my elglish, I don't use it very often)
  13. Hi, I've having issues with BigBox.exe when I setup High DPI settings on Windows 10, the majority of the themes don't work well with that setting, I tried to use the option in properties of the .exe to disable the high DPI just for that program but it don't work, I'm using launchbox on my htpc so for the rest of the programs I need to enable high DPI settings, hope someone help me with this issue, is the only one I've been having with bigbox, thanks Enviado desde mi Moto G 2014 mediante Tapatalk
    excellent feature, it will be cool if you guys make an start up video for every platform you choose, but this has surprise me Thanks!
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