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  1. Not sure I understand what you are asking, sorry. I have already downloaded the images, and they appear in the Edit Game properly. If I do not run the Clean Up Media tool they stay and appear in the Edit Game screen as they should. When I use the Clean Up Media tool, those specific ones from EmuMovies come up and say not in use - if I delete them here, they remove the ones I wanted to keep from the edit games screen - basically they are being mislabeled as not in use.
  2. This issue for me started on Version 11.12, and continues in 11.13-Beta-1. Whenever I add a file from EmuMovies, that I choose to keep and use - the Clean Up Media tool marks the file as Not in use - if I remove it, it removes it from the game edit screen as well.
  3. The duplication issue is resolved. Thank you all for your assistance in helping me troubleshoot and get it resolved. Very Happy!!!
  4. @C-Beats, @neil9000, @faeran Awesome assistance guys, thank you so much... The duplication issue is resolved. Thank you all for your assistance in helping me troubleshoot and get it resolved. Very Happy!!!
  5. Thanks to everyone who helped assist me and @boylag. I apologize if anyone mistook my OCD and need to have everything working for everyone as being rude or a jerk. I will also try to check to see if the beta fixes it and let all know. Thanks again!
  6. @neil9000, here are the log files. Debug 2021-06-22 10-41-27 AM.log Debug 2021-06-22 10-39-35 AM.log
  7. @neil9000 Here is the location of the images that it duplicates - the ones unchecked are ones that are mislabeled as not in use, but they are and I want to keep them.
  8. Didn't have any issues with like 4 previous versions and only happened directly after latest update.
  9. @C-Beats I have the entire LaunchBox program and all subfolders on my in home server, but no sync software is installed. And no other changes to hardware or software for the server - or the computer accessing it either. @neil9000 I will try that it a few mins and attach the log file.
  10. @Retro808 Here is the screenshot you requested. Before I read your reply, I re-installed to see if that would resolve the issues I am having, sadly it did not correct either issue. Thank you and @C-Beats for your assistance.
  11. Just noticed the "Clean Up Media" tool marks some files as not in use and deletes them so this temporary fix can't be used as it is broken too.
  12. @C-Beats This happens whether I change/edit any information in the "Edit Game" screen or not. If I hit ok on the "Edit Game" window, images double, if I hit cancel it works as it should. I do not know how to explain it differently, sorry. I promise I am not trying to be a jerk. I have attached a video showing the issue happening, perhaps it will explain better than I can. bandicam 2021-06-21 13-58-15-223.mp4
  13. @Boylag, After you determine which images to keep, instead of deleting the extra images this bug causes - you can go to: "Tools => Cleanup Media", This has been a life saver once I figured it out so I don't have to manually removed hundreds of extra images. Hope this bug gets resolved soon, it is annoying. *Edited to add - Be careful using the "Cleanup Media" tool as it is incorrectly tagging images as not in use, when they are - and I want to keep them, and when deleted it deletes the image completely when it was in use and I wanted to use it.
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