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  1. I tried to make this myself but it was a disaster. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  2. I have a couple of ScummVM logo requests. They arent really games, but I am a ScummVM completest. I found a "One Stop Fun Shop" logo for a Pajama Sam game if it will help make the logo making process easier. It's not great work tho: Thanks for anyone that can help.
  3. perfect! these are outstanding! Thank you so much.
  4. I had really good luck requesting missing logos for my Nintendo DS collection a few days ago. Well I have 5 more requests. I have logos for these following games but they are completely wrong. Naruto - Ninja Destiny (USA) Ninja Gaiden - Dragon Sword (USA) Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End (USA) World Cup of Pool (USA) This game below has a proper logo, but I prefer just the text and not the art that is included many of the Final Fantasy game logos. This one should be easy but I don't know what the correct font used for it. Final Fantasy XII - Revenant Wings (USA) Sorry for the crap source image of Ninja Gaiden Dragon Swords, it was all I could find. World of Pool is also a shitty source image to work with. Anyway thanks to whomever can help. Have a great day.
  5. amazing! I cant believe how fast you knocked these out, Thanks so much!
  6. I have 2 Nintendo DS games that I cannot find logos for any where. The first game is Cakemania - Main Street That one may be very difficult and its a small resolution. Here is a better image but way more complicated to do I think: The other game is TrackMania Turbo. There is a clear logo image for this in the Games DB, but its incorrect. This is the correct logo: These logos look like they are difficult to do, but maybe someone has them already and will share. Thanks.
  7. Ah thank you. I found the remaining wheels in that link, except that Lighthouse one. The Lighthouse logo I used for a request is a euro logo, and yours looks to be a north american one. I would rather have your version if you dont mind. Also is it ok if I submit it to the games database? Thanks.
  8. I have 4 missing wheels in my ScummVM collection that I cant find anywhere. Maybe these exist some place but I cant find them. Hi-Res Adventure #0 - Mission Asteroid Hi-Res Adventure #1 - Mystery House Lighthouse - The Dark Being Starship Titanic
  9. how about a scummvm game that I will never play but have in my collection anyway:
  10. I did not expect this to be made at all let alone so quickly ty! Now all clear logos for my PC collection is complete.
  11. This one may be really difficult to do but maybe someone has an existing clear logo for this one? It is a relatively newer game.
  12. I feel like this should be easy and I tried it but I could not cut it properly using the lasso tool in photoshop. Thanks
  13. umm that is perfect actually! I tried to do it myself and it came out terrible. You did that super fast. lol. I'll try to get this to show up in google image search for others to find. Great work!
  14. wow, great post. So helpful. Typically I feel weird requesting logo help, but I have this game that I can't find a clear logo for! It is a newer game called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle - Portal Power. It just came out on PC and usually brand new games like this have a clear logo you can find easy in google, but not this game for some reason. And beyond that I cant even find a high quality raw image to go by. I did find a regular TMNT clear logo at least. The "Portal Power" part probably needs a complete redraw and that is beyond my scope. If anyone can help gracias!
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