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  1. Thanks for this info. I used it with Dolphin Triforce to auto-load the Mario Kart GP savestate hack on open. Sleep, 6000 SetKeyDelay, -1, 110 Send {F1} Return
  2. Hi All, Quick question about DEmul. I understand that each of the respective platforms (E.g. Naomi, Atomiswave, Etc.) have to be loaded as separate to platforms in able to insert the command line code for each separate emulation type (E.g. -run=naomi -rom=). I have the DEmul ROM/CHD set, but all the files are in a single folder (/ROMS/ with all the .zip files and CHDs). I've tested a few games via the DEmul load menu and they work, Now I would like to add these games to Launchbox. What is the best way for me to separate these categories as they are currently all in one folder with mame st
  3. Thanks for this! In my instance, I wanted the entire Win3x0 set and just searched for all the *.bat files in the gamedir (I excluded all the instances of install.bat that showed up during the folder search, to avoid naming errors). Seems to work perfectly. Thought this would be a much larger headache to setup.
  4. Hi All, I ran into a little hiccup this evening after importing the full PSX redump set (including demos, etc.). I noticed that most of the games which had a demo have now defaulted as the primary rom. For example, The default version of Metal Gear Solid is Metal Gear Solid (Demo). I can select the USA/EUR/JPN versions using the version select feature. However, I would like it to play the full USA version by default. I know this can be changed per rom by going to EDIT->ASSOCIATED APPS--> selecting the USA rom and clicking the "Make Default" button. However, the set has ov
  5. Hi All, Everything has been working great with Launchbox so far. What a great program! I had a question. I was looking to add the Daphne set and came across a new Emu called "Singe 2.0" in my research. Singe 2.0 Features: - any resolution/format for games (Daphne/singe was limited to m2v and was experimental at 1080p) - adaptable overlay (Daphne Singe was limited) - No maximum length limitation (was 65536 frames) - Better controls (all buttons of the pad usable) - Many more... **For history, Singe 2 is the successor of Singe, a dll for Daphne allowing
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