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  1. I tried unblocking the entire plugins folder by utilizing powershell and that still didnt work to fix this error.... Hopefully gets fixed soon ... very strange that the unblock button is missing on windows now....cant figure that out hence why i used powershell but that still didnt work
  2. For anybody looking, i figured this out. There are two .exe files for duckstation. Use the file that is NOT the qt version. It should work then. Cheers
  3. I am having an issue where i can't get Duckstation to fully close which would bring me right back to Big Box. In Big Box I set the hot keys to use L3 + R3 to close the active window. This works great for most emulators but Duckstation not so much. It will close the game but then i will be left looking at the duckstation UI. Im wondering if anybody has figured this out as i really want to use my xbox controller to close out the games in duckstation and go back to big box UI.
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