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  1. Heck something like patreon would work, I am planning to get the heat death of the universe option anyway. I know I can get money to patreon, via IDeal even I think, which for Dutch people is instantanous bank transfer. (At least at the front-end level of things), like having a 75 dollar special tier for the one time forever payment, what you get is "exclusive acces to a highly advance build" as to stay oblivious if need be.
  2. As to get help in advance, I will be running into the same issue as the people from germany (plus extra), in the netherlands one is not even allowed to have a credit card just because you want one. You need certain amounts of yearly income and/or other financial statuses (like the new type for students who do higher levels of education). I at my age with no prior strong financial history with just average wage won't be able to. And I used to be an indebted student as many have been (only paid the last of last year, which was way way overtime) so I won't be allowed a prepaid one either for the
  3. Good to know these things before ever syncing first time, now I will just first get my setup to the point I can freeze it as is, then sync it. Thanks this was helpful in more ways than one to me. (I struggle I shall leave it at that as to not give people a label to use, and doing things over and over are not my cup of tea, it will overstimulate and make me essentially go haywire and give up on stuff.) But my struggles do also give me the curiosity to try and use all features (without thinking twice, try first decide later is my template in life), again good I stumbled upon this.
  4. @ricebow *notice inb4 made a lot of typo's. I have been unwell a few days and have not been all clearheaded. Makes focusing and typing difficult, I address this since I will not fix the mistakes, got no energy but as someone who writes felt like I needed to adress it. (even if it is just for my own peace of mind) on to the essay. Hope the info helps, pic added for clarification on the last addressed issue. New myself, but allow me to try and clarify, the lag is slowdown not lag, it is the same as when using file explorer where the file has 1000s of files. It slows down exactly to n
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