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  1. Love it! Anyway to get the AE Project file of have it without the Your Way Text so I can add my own?
  2. I just had an Admin reach out via messages with a some great info to start with. If anyone has had a similar issue on my Question #4 please reach out! Thanks
  3. After searching my self on this forum for the last 3 days, I see LOTS of experienced users/pros on here. And no one can help with either of my 4 questions? Doubt it. But I will wait a few more days, I get that people are busy and scattered. But thanks for the info you shared, seriously. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Not gonna lie, I thought this forum would be a bit more active and help in the "Noob" section. Quick i should have brought in 1 year license instead 😧
  5. Hey Everyone, Switched my Pi4 retro pi setup to a Lenovo M900 Tiny PC to power my Arcade 1up Cab (SE Marvel Superheroes) with BigBox. I ran into a couple of issue along the way. ETA Prime cover quite a few things, but I'm still having some issues. 1. My Zero-Lag USB encoders arcade buttons are not being recognized by the Keyboard Automation. I'm trying to setup up an arcade Start button to be my "HOLD" button. None of my Arcade button are being recognize in the Keyboard Automation section even though they work perfectly in the Keyboard Mapping section. I can use my arcade button to n
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