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  1. I see, thank you anyway for your answer. I use this feature mainly for older windows games that doesn't support controllers, or to simulate the d-pad/right analog functions with the arcade controller. Btw, I'll use rewasd to reach this goal.
  2. Nope, I mean an input mapper (as the one Steam has, which can map to a controller the inputs you like). On another machine I use rewasd, a commercial software, but wondering if it could be done natively by BigBox before considering to purchase another license.
  3. Hell all, I'm wondering if BigBox has its own overlay for the controls to map a layout at BigBox level to override the game's? Regards.
  4. Roger that: jasondavidcarr / LaunchBox / issues / #6435 - BigBox attract mode customization - selectable object skip list. — Bitbucket
  5. As in object. I have a couple of platforms with only 1 game inside, so when attract mode jumps on those, it gets a bit to exit to another platform, becoming quite boring. Regards.
  6. Holy shit... it was so stupid? 🥶 obviously the exact point was that I DIDN'T SELECT games in list, assuming that operation would have affected selected view and the lack of any "MORON; YOU DIDN'T SELECTED ANY GAME" popup tricked me thinking the procedure was doing something, due to the fact it started and processed... nothing. Did tried a couple of other titles SELECTING THEM, and of course the procedure worked perfectly. Thank you very much.
  7. Ok, as written on the other post, clear logos are now correctly showed in games wheel after fixing their lack in LaunchBox; due to an uncertain reason, clear logos weren't imported automatically from the scraper on an already populated list. A mint reimport of the games ticking alle the media options since the firt import, solved the "issue". **EDIT** as pointed by @faeran in another post, the "issue" was originated by the fact I didn't select any game when launching the update procedure; I wrongly assumed it will do have affected the current view, and the lack of warning popups didn't make me think about the lack of a current selection of games.
  8. After a mint reimport tickng all the available options for media, clear titles were downloaded regularly and appeared on BigBox theme too automatically. So evidently something prevented them to be downloaded as an integration to existing media when updating media for a platform with an already populated list, when using tools - update metadata & media, and ticking only clear logos.
  9. Ok. At the moment the scraper it's downloading a fkload of media (4800 elements circa) 'cause I did a full mint reimport deleting all the games... stupid, but didn't see other solutions. If this would not solve, I'll try going for single game editing and will let you know the result.
  10. Did already many times, but no way it downloads that resource; downloaded images, boxes, 3D boxes, but nothing else of what I ticked using the full overwrite metadata option too. Really don't understand what I'm doing wrong... I too thought it was "import media, select wat you want... poof! done", but sadly it isn't so. Let's see after a full reimport ticking everything (even if it could seem a stupid procedure even to me). If you would like we can organize a desktop sharing with a free platform like zoom, so you can see by yourself.
  11. I'm trying deleting everything an import again... uff, what a work! for sure not a smooth experience at all 🤕
  12. Yep guys, that option is ticked, but LB simply doesn't downloads them...
  13. Arcade games are in mame original naming.zip; for Clear logos i could only find packs with names that seems to be theme related (maybe some cross reference file read by he theme), so the file name is a number, instead a name or something like those in the DB for the arcade section. I created playlist using drag & drop launchbox import and letting it do all the job. Didn't any customization in platforms or file name or else.
  14. Yep, I'm wandering around in both DBs, but for sure I'm missing something... I found resources, but they don't seem to fit my needings. The more extensive and complete packs for arcade games, seems to be theme specific... nothing I can't figure out to use in Unified BB theme neither in LB. I don't need nothing exotic, my collection is less than 1K rcade titles.
  15. Thanks @CriticalCid i really love this theme of yours. May I ask you some help? can't get games wheel to show clear logos instead of simple text; searched around, but can't find anything specific. Is it possible, somwhow? Regards.
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