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  1. @Baggio Great update to my favorite theme. One question - how could I slightly enlarge the game wheel logos in vertical wheel 2 view? They seem a little small and I think there is room to make them a bit larger and still not look cluttered with the arcade cab and 3d box both being displayed.
  2. I've read that also about the multiple controllers. I did unplug just my analog devices - U360 stick, flight stick, trackball, and spinner. When I did that, suddenly the Logitech wheel appeared but not the accelerator or brake pedals so I thought I was making at least some progress and I saved that configuration. But when I plugged the analog devices back in, the wheel setting was gone and I'm back to the original issue. I may try unplugging everything to see if that works. I read that MAME now has some support for Model 2 ROMs and in fact I was able to load up Indy 500 in MAME and it ran. But the graphics are bad and it's not really playable. But I'm running MAME 0.239 so maybe I'll load up .0252 and see if it's any better, but I suspect it probably isn't. As far as Windows changing the controller order, I've only found that to be an issue in MAME and I set up a file with stable controller IDs and it solved that problem. It does take a bit of work but totally worth it.
  3. Thank you for doing this as it has been super helpful. A couple of questions: 1. For Sega Water Ski, you mention an engineering fix needed to change the country to USA, but it's unclear where that fix is or how to implement it. Water Ski is the one game where the country seems to be locked on Japan. 2. Someone else mentioned this also, but have you encountered an issue where the Model 2 emulator crashes when attempting to change the analog controls? I have a Logitech wheel and am unable to map the controls to it as the emu crashes immediately upon trying to change any analog setting. I know it's not the ROM as I've tried several and it happens with every ROM that has the analog option.
  4. @PaulyC In the VideoBorders folder, I see a bunch of borders for Arcade Classics, Racing Games, Light Gun Games, etc. From what I can tell, those borders change based on the platform. Is there a way they can change based on the playlist?
    This is an outstanding theme. It has everything that’s great about Unified but with scrolling game info and 3D boxes. The author is super responsive to questions and with updates to fix a few minor issues.
  5. @PaulyC Question - I have a few playlists set up and noticed that the marquees will not display in some of them. For example, I have a playlist called Arcade Classics and the marquees in that playlist display correctly. I have another playlist called Favorites that contains a few of the same games that are in the Arcade Classics playlist but the marquees do not display correctly in Favorites - they display just the generic Arcade Classics marquee. Any idea why?
  6. @PaulyC All issues fixed - everything works perfectly. Thanks again for the help and for this great theme.
  7. So this is interesting. It only occurs on view 2. I prefer vertical views so I didn't bother looking at the horizontal views. View 2 is the only one that has the border around the video and the platform/playlist names, so there must be something different there. But the other vertical platform views work fine.
  8. I’m using Platforms List View: Platform view 2 and Games List View: Vertical wheel 1. Thanks for checking and this is a really nice theme.
  9. @PaulyC Here is what I’m seeing. 02FEC6E0-A9E7-42E3-9E8B-931786CD5C08.MOV
  10. Is there a way of having the marquee display the game name instead of the platform?
  11. @PaulyC Great theme! A couple of minor issues: 1. When BigBox is in attract mode and the wheel starts spinning to land on some random game, the area that normally plays the video snap goes completely black until the wheel lands on a new game then it plays the video correctly. Not a big deal but I haven't seen that behavior on other themes. 2. Similarly, when in a games view and then go back to the platform/playlist view the area where the platform/playlist video would play is completely black and stays that way until I move wheel. So, for example say I'm browsing through the wheel of MAME games, and then I press escape to go back to the platform/playlist view, BB should play the video that I have associated with MAME. But the area where the video should play stays black until I move the wheel to the next platform and it then plays the video for that platform/playlist.
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