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  1. I believe the Japanese writing on the spine is the right way round, so the words are written top to bottom. Rotating that would be wrong, the better one is what is written under Moonwalker on the front but I don't think that is a high enough resolution to work with. Edit: 2nd closer look it appears the top/right line is as I explained but the bottom/left is rotated on the spine. Suppose if the writing was cut out you could rotate the individual characters so it all reads left to right.
  2. BadFurDay

    GBA Carts

    The seller listed that with a box only, I asked him for the cart pictures lol. Not a chance I'd buy that game for a tenner lol
  3. BadFurDay

    GBA Carts

    It's weird, got the pic from an eBay listing and the box is for Alex Ferguson's Player Manager 2002. I had a little Google and it's the same game, strange it would have different cars. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153957116159
  4. I took Hursty's Super Sweet Emulation Station theme (https://github.com/RetroHursty69/es-theme-supersweet) which uses banners, and created an Attract Mode them for it (I'm a Retropie user). I then created a load of my own banners, they're very different in style and a slightly different size but I thought I'd share them anyway in case someone is interested. I've not finished it, still want to make more collections banners for it. Banners.rar
  5. BadFurDay

    GBA Carts

    This is the cart for Alex Ferguson's Player Manager 2002
  6. You could try https://www.screenscraper.fr/
  7. Brilliant work, you appear to be missing Mortal Kombat Trilogy though. https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/images/7969
  8. There is this one on screenscraper.fr
  9. I found that one as a clear logo png online, still low resolution though
  10. You could use Skraper: http://skraper.net/
  11. Any chance you can do Maupiti Island? There's two wheel types (I believe it is region differences) but one has the French flag on it, would like it without. This will cover both Amiga and MS-DOS versions.
  12. Any chance for the Commodore CDTV? Gorgeous videos btw, thanks for doing them.
  13. I've been putting together rear boxart for this collection and thought I'd share the result. I have cropped and resized them for my pi, a few aren't as good quality as others though. Sega Mega Drive Japan Back Boxart.zip
  14. Any chance Robin55 and aorin1 you can work your magic and make a box and cart for Tanglewood?
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