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  1. Is it possible to get a clear logo made for Leisure Suit Larry 6 please? It has two different box arts, one for the original and the other for the updated hi-res version. The original one already has a clear logo for it. Thanks!
  2. Awesome work as always, thanks seaview!
  3. Any chance to get this one please? The clear logo in the database is for a different 'imagine' game so needs updating. Thanks.
  4. Another request, 3DO one this time please: Thanks.
  5. Amazing work as always, thanks seaview!
  6. I have another request please, PC game this time and I noticed the clear logo in the database doesn't match the boxart so wondering if you wouldn't mind doing this one. Got a cheeky request for both the US and the UK versions too as they differ slightly: US UK Thanks
  7. Thanks once again! Amazing work.
  8. Got another request please, for Virtua Fighter CG Portrait Collection: Thanks
  9. Could you please make a clear logo for these Playstation games? Thanks.
  10. Is it possible to get a clear logo for the below please? Have the NTSC one but not PAL, thanks.
  11. I have a not make a clear logo exactly but edit one request. Slam City on the Sega/Mega CD (and 32x) has 4 discs but isn't really a multi-disk game. Any chance to please add to the below logo: The names from each of the CDs below: Fingers Juice Mad Dog Smash This way each wheel will correctly tell you the difference between the CDs instead of relying on the disc images themselves. Thanks .
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