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  1. Any chance for this one please? Only have the USA version in the database which is very different:
  2. Any chance on this one please? Not sure if the box art is good enough but it's the best I could find.
  3. Clever find, thanks once again seaview!
  4. Is it possible to get this one please? Only the USA version in the database. Thanks.
  5. I was actually missing one from the list: Dexter's Laboratory - Mandark's Lab (Europe) Also found one already in the database, Louvre - The Final Curse. Need to have a check through the database with the rest make sure.
  6. This is the best I can find for The World Is Not Enough. I'm from the UK so I've been doing my best to make the Europe region a priority over the USA. I believe I have a Playstation collection that includes all European and USA exclusive games. I've checked through it and have 63 missing box arts, all Europe releases. I'll list them below but want to be very clear that I don't expect you to do them all, if you can only do one I'm very grateful for that, whatever can be done if it takes time then so be it. If you change your mind and tell me you won't do any I won't hold a grudge. Basicall
  7. 007: The World Is Not Enough is the Platinum cover, be nice to have the standard cover available too please. Edit; Would it help you if we also post the best 2D cover scan we can find?
  8. Does this one work for you?
  9. We had discussed in a previous topic that the label for Alex Ferguson's Player Manager 2002 was the same in both Europe and USA, Total Soccer Manager. We also got a picture of the cart from an eBay listing, perhaps you can also use it?
  10. I have another CD-i one to request please.
  11. Is it possible please to get a clear logo for this CD-i game? Thanks
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