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  1. Jason Carr said Hi @Hippyshake, I do, actually. I only got through a few platforms myself, so we're still pretty close to needing everything. I started with the beginning of the alphabet, so I worked on 3DO, Amiga, and Amstrad. Sounds good, brotherman. I'll start at SNES and work my way toward the front of the alphabet.
  2. Awesome thread. Nice work taking the time to post all of these!
  3. Hippyshake

    Steam Controller

    I'm definitely going to get one (and a box) at some point. Just waiting for the income to catch up with the outgoing. :)
  4. Too busy sometimes. :) And your words humble me, my friend. Thank you.
  5. Wow, that's really useful! I've never been able to play the BFG edition of Doom, due to a graphics card conflict (although I can play the first edition just fine). Maybe I can get that cash back.
  6. Do you still need this done, Jason? What platforms are lagging?
  7. bd000 said This thread just made me think of that, thought it was funny. @hippyshake had some good ideas, maybe he could pipe up. I appreciate that, but those were the height of my creativity. lol (Sorry for the late reply...money's been tight lately and I forgot to pay the ISP bill, then couldn't for a while. ) This is not a knock against portachking because I can certainly see his viewpoint, but the "all-inclusiveness" thing has gotten a bit out of control, in my opinion. I actually had to scrap a sermon recently that was about the different facets of God as "God the Father,*" because (I was told) not everyone grew up with a father and so they might be offended and wouldn't know what I was talking about. Yet, we constantly refer to him in Worship Services and prayer as "God the Father" (and the entire point of the sermon was to define him for everyone in the same way). For my part in the Asian translation debacle (because I did suggest some of them), it's never been about being insensitive. The poor translations I quoted were never about making fun of people (nor would I ever find someone actually struggling with the language as humorous); rather, they were about poor quality control of a marketed product. I find them to be kind of funny in the same way I find or to be kind of funny: They're just honest mistakes that should have been caught before being sold. With the video game references, it's also that the collector and geek in me loves the history behind them, and makes me squee a little with joy at how innocent the medium was back then. All of that being said, however, I'm adding a "Thank You" to portaching's original post, because I can definitely see where some people might find this kind of thing offensive and stereotyping. In that case, motive doesn't matter, so it's something I should be aware of. In all sincerity, I say: Thank you for opening my eyes a little wider. Oh, and one more, because it's my favorite: XD (*How he loves us, guides us, and disciplines us)
  8. @Kriven and scree: That's so strange. I only receive that error if I've tried to Open DOSBox and declined the permissions window. If I accept, then DOSBox opens as it should, without error. If I try to play a game from within BB mode, it simply won't run (no error). The only other time I get that error is if I try to switch back to LB after getting the DOSBox error. If I try to switch back without getting the DOSBox error then LB opens fine. So odd.
  9. First chance I've had to test in a while. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about Big Box mode, but I love it. A couple of things I've noticed (strictly about Big Box): 1."Most Played Game" seems a bit arbitrary, as it's chosen games I've never played, and ignored the ones I do. Restarting the program does show the same games as being "Most Played," so I know it's not random; I'm just not sure why it's choosing what it's choosing. 2. Clicking on the right-most game in "Recently Played" will advance the row of games by one (could this be a mouse-over scroll instead?), but clicking on the left-most game will not bring off-screen games back (nor will continuing to click on the right-most game wrap around again). 3. Clicking on a game in "Recently played" will bring up the correct menu, but I can't actually get the game to launch from there. The other shortcuts work, however. Clicking on "Open DOSBox" and then declining the AVG permissions window gave me this error: Big Box.exe continued to run fine, however. :) 4. Trying to switch back to LB after that error produced this error: Switching to LB from BB without the DOSBox error worked fine. 5. There is no 5. 6. I actually have 666 PC games. That's uncomfortable. It's looking great, Jason! I'm amazed at far you've come in just a couple of days.
  10. Hippyshake

    Thank You

    Jason Carr said These days I crave time alone to play guitar; that's hard to find because the kids are either with me, or asleep. I can only play the Dora theme song so many times... ;) So I guess I never really switched, per se. I've also never really been a good lead guitarist, though I'm slowly getting there these days. I'd call myself a sufficient metal rhythm player, but hardly lead. No reason you can't start playing something other than Dora when the kids are around (I chuckled in recognition at that; I've been playing a lot of variations of the "ABC Song," because the "L-M-N-O-P" part makes him laugh). Do you still own a classical guitar? I play it softly with him sleeping in the room sometimes, but I wouldn't risk jamming to "Tie This Around Your Neck". :D I've never been lead either, except for bluesy stuff (ZZ Top, AC/DC, et al). I never developed the speed, although learning classical has taught me how much I tense up when I play, so that's improved more in a few months than in all my years of playing.
  11. Hippyshake

    Thank You

    bd000 said Aahhh thanks for that image. I can't get it out of my head now and I'm on my way to bed. If I dream about you playing air guitar to 'Back in Black' in tight tight shorts, me and you will be having words tomorrow! Night Better that, than you dreaming about me playing "You Shook Me All Night Long"!! :D
  12. Jason Carr said That's awesome to hear, Hippyshake. I've always wanted my main work to be some sort of a ministry, but haven't gotten there yet. I know I'm personally not called to be a preacher, though I was a youth leader for a good 10 years. I just stopped doing youth ministry because it was becoming painfully obvious that I was slowing down a bit too much for the kids. ;) I'm relatively denomination agnostic; I tend to go where I feel led. That said, I do consider myself Wesleyan, so I've mostly stuck to the United Methodist, Free Methodist, and Nazarene denominations. I hear you on the slowing down thing! VBS is getting more difficult each year. :) The funny thing about me being Presby is that, we (my gf and I) hadn't gone to church in years, but we made an agreement that when we moved to this new town three years ago, we were finding a church and going. We both come from Roman Catholic backgrounds, and wanted a change, so we asked someone on the street where the Methodist church was. He pointed to the Presbyterian church, and that's where we went. When the service started, it was obvious we were in the wrong place, but everyone was so warm and welcoming, and the sermon was great, so we just kept going. Since then, I've taken over the website, started podcasts, teach a weekly Bible study, run the Men's Group, and preach when needed. Proof that we go where we're led, I guess. lol As for your main work being some sort of ministry, I think you're already there, my friend. Consider this: I've read your blog post on faith, and I see what a generous person you are in these forums with your spirit, your time, your energy (and your Amazon gift cards!), and it's obvious that you lead with your heart. LaunchBox has led me and a lot of other people here. Trust me when I say that people see Christ through you.
  13. Jason Carr said I just finished Torchwood last night, and I already miss it. :,-( I have nothing to watch now. Jason Carr said @Hippyshake you're a preacher? What denomination? :) I'm a Ruling Presbyterian Elder, but I do Pulpit Supply. Typically I do Sunday service, but I've taken over a monthly Celtic Vespers service that's held on the third Thursday of each month. The sermon is about one-third the length of a Sunday sermon, so that was definitely a blessing today. :) It went pretty well. I think my calling is leading me toward seminary soon, so I try to accept everything that's offered to me. What denomination are you?
  14. Hippyshake

    Thank You

    bd000 said I play air guitar. Hey, I'll never knock a good air guitarist. I won a pizza in high school with two other guys in an air band contest (the irony is that were actually in a band together)...we did some AC/DC song. All I remember is those shorts were TIGHT.
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