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  1. I did it as follows: -> I downloaded the "Simple Detailed Startup 1.0.6" theme and put it in the LaunchBox folder -> I edited the XML with the fields, putting in my native language (Portuguese-Brazil) the fields that were in English -> The last field I changed to "Observations", where I can put some information in the emulation there, in case you need to do this as shown in the example -> And I liked it 😃 Thanks for the help, giving some free time I will see how you edit more and have an even better quality. Theme Link: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/
  2. In this case, if I choose AutoHotKey to use PNG and then close, is there a list of commands for me to use it, or if I need to download it as an add-on? Unfortunately, I don't understand how AutoHotKey would work in case of making this warning. And yes, I prefer the shape of a PNG, which I can customize and leave as a warning if possible 😃 and these commands I put in the game properties?
  3. Hello everyone Good evening! I would like to ask if there is a way to put a warning before running any game to apply any custom settings? Take for example the game "Burnout: Dominator" from PS2, which uses PCSX2 and in the game, you have to press F9 so that you can run without any problems, and it would be something like this: "During the game, press the F9 button for the game to run perfectly" (And then there's the OK button where the game starts). I have already added the extra command "--cfgpath = inis \ BurnoutDominator" that makes the emulator make the customized confi
  4. Hello .. Good evening! Sorry for the delay to respond, but it worked! I have not thought of this before (yes you can call me "noob" kkk) and that in case whenever I make a change in my External HD, it synchronizes and verifies the files that have been changed and that were also added. It was PERFECT the way it is now, thanks for the tip! NOTE: The program I use is the "SynCBackFree"
  5. Hello good afternoon! In my case I have 2 devices with LaunchBox, however I wanted to do the following: -> When I update one, where I put a ROM I can copy "only" the files it needs for this, since my folder has 80GB total, and copying from one place to another all the time is very time consuming. Example: In the External HD I put 2 roms of PS1, and when I get home to copy only those 2 roms and the files that I need for the LaunchBox to recognize what I did in the External HD. No need to copy everything again. Thank you
  6. Hello .. Good evening! I'm sorry for the delay to respond, but it worked perfectly, because FullSet I got it already came with the images, in case I just had to "-image" the files and it detected without problems (and this saved me a lot of time ). Thank you
  7. Hello everyone! I've used the launchbox for quite some time, and have always used it to organize my games. But when I got a FullSet from "Neo-Geo" games, it already came with the games folder, and a sub-folder of game images. With this I tried to use the program "LaunchBoxTools" that could "merge" the games with their covers (With XML file), however as you can see in the "prints" that I attached the same speaks that worked, but in the launchbox does not show the image of the game. What could I do? Because downloading it all would take a while. Thank you
  8. Thank you for your help! Oh really! Because in my house the internet has a very low speed, and it takes a LOT to download the images. And with that in my work, the speed is much better and easier to download. Thanks for this then
  9. In my case it is formed of the following path: Roms -> "C: / Games / Roms / ** (where the signal is the name of the console, GBA or PSX) Emulators -> "C: / Games / Emulators / ** (where I have the emulators as" Retroarch ") I have already done this process to be able to have a certain "control" of path to the computer, however if the "LaunchBox" software is installed in another way, can this cause problems? Example: Machine 1 -> "C: /Users/Lucas/.Launchbox" Machine 2 -> "C: / Program Files / .Launchbox"
  10. Hello good afternoon! I have a little doubt, because in the previous versions I used the function "export" to be able to download the images and ARTS. However according to "ChangeLog" it says the following: Launchbox 6.12 Change Log October 18, 2016 - Removed: The import and export to zip file features were removed as they are no longer necessary when switching platforms between different LaunchBox installations; Now it's as simple as copying the platform's XML file and media files between installations So in case what do I do? I copy only th
  11. @DOS76 great man!! In this case the launchbox have some option to show only the games that doens't have a thumbnail? Because i will analise the games and decide to delete them or not. Thx for help!!
  12. Hello everyone!! @bjwest in that case there are a lot of files to be filtered, so this tip unfortunately won't work for me.thanks anyway. @Bil I read the documentation, and after that i downloaded the "clone/parent" DAT file, and import in the RC. After this i finally made it!! With the RC, the games haves only 1 region ( preference in USA or BRA ): @garbanzo Yes i understanding about this, example is Final Fight, In the case the japanese version is better than american version, thx for the tip :) And for last question, for the images for each game, i used the launchboxtool
  13. Hello Everyone!! Well my problem it's about to organize the roms. I downloaded the fullset ( No-Intro ) of SNES console, but it contais various files of the same game, per example: Aladdin (Europe).zip Aladdin (France).zip Aladdin (Germany).zip Aladdin (Japan).zip Aladdin (Spain).zip Aladdin (USA).zip Aladdin (USA) (Beta).zip My question is: It is possible to delete all of them and leave only one? Or something like that?Because it's the same game, but in country different. I tried to use RomCenter, but i did not make it any option to help me. Thanks For the Support!
  14. Hi @Jason!! Sorry for delay to response. Well in the command-line, i put this in the PSX emulator (mednafen from retroarch): -L cores/mednafen_psx_libretro.dll --appendconfig config/PS1.cfg ( This command load the Config for PS1 and load the emulator with the game) And the SNES emulator (bnes from retroarch): -L cores\bsnes_balanced_libretro.dll --appendconfig config/SNES.cfg ( This command load the Config for SNES and load the emulator with the game ) I used this command "appendconfig " because the basic command "-C" or "-config" was not load the custom settings for each emula
  15. Hello everyone Good Night! I currently use the emulator "RetroArch" because with it I can put "Shaders" custom and use CRT filters. But in LB I am unable to load the PS1 games (which are in CUE extension), the game simply does not open, and nothing happens. Now opening the "RetroArch" it opens normally. Should I put some sort of command line to load the game? I tried various topics in the forum and found nothing that could help me. I already have the BIOS files and also all Pre-Configured with a CFG file, which would also load along the PS1 I'm sorry for my english. Thank you
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