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  1. dillonm

    ExoDOS Import

    I hadn't no but i have now - and it fixed it! I knew this was the place to come. You're a star - many thanks!
  2. dillonm

    ExoDOS Import

    Not sure if anyone else has had this issue but here goes - I still use MEAGRE and even after running the setup.bat my MEAGRE interface isn't being populated with the new games. I have all the packs and recently put RPG v3.0 in there along with Adventure v3.0 before it. Launchbox is fine and has both Adv and RPG v3.0 listed, but not the MEAGRE interface. Any ideas?
  3. Either way LB is just better supported ;-)
  4. Yeah that's true there are missing features in LB. But I still don't like Collectorz. More and more i was finding that Collectorz wouldn't even recognise or find my latest games - only AAA titles or something well known - when I was adding them. And there are alot of games out there now by obscure studios and developers. LB just supports these titles better.
  5. Yeah Collectors software is a bit of a dog. Really basic stuff. Everyone is moving in the direction of Launchbox now.
  6. Worked this time Izegod. Many thanks!
  7. Great stuff thanks! I'll give this another try when I get home. Yeah few years worth of bargain game collecting there lol
  8. Here you go - thanks! The last game it creates an ize file for is Championship Manager 4 export.xml
  9. It didn't work I'm afraid. I gave it a quick try on my break and out of over 1000 games in my export file - it only created 111 ize files. The ize files appear to be empty as well - 0 kb. Any ideas?
  10. Thank you so much Izegod. Ill give this a try tonight. Ill let you know how it goes!
  11. Whatever you could manage Izegod would be a tremendous help to many people I'm sure. Many thanks!
  12. Here is a very small (11 games) export in xml and txt format from Game Collector - for anyone that wants to have a shot at converting into Launchbox. Cheers. export.xml export.txt
  13. Yeah me too. I also use Game Collector and I'd love to convert to using Launchbox. The fact I cant import is the only reason preventing me from switching to Launchbox just now. I've got over 1000 PC games and Ill be damned if I need to manually input all those games back in LB to use it. Game Collector exports to txt file, xls and csv. Surely it cant be that difficult for Launchbox to support reading from them?
  14. Yeah but there's hundreds of them unfortunately. Doing it manually would take forever. I did a mass import from Exodos and quite a few games don't have box cover. Pity.
  15. Hi, I think was covered before but was there ever a solution found to using a games screenshot as the box cover for games? A lot of my imported games have an blank box cover and it looks terrible. Cheers M
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