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  1. I love the new feature that allows me to import my entire GOG library! (my question is mostly about GOG games, since I have A LOT more GOG games than Steam ones) Can I add only new games after my GOG library is already imported? I tried removing a game > GOG import .... and it downloads everything all over again! --- So like the Scan for added ROMs function, but for added games in my online GOG library. I have a feeling that I'm requesting a new feature. I'm going to sneak in (another?) feature request... I have a txt list of all my boxed PC games. I'd like to import that list in Launchbox.
  2. Just for the ones I own (around 600). I'd like to upload them to the LB online database, but that's such a slow process.
  3. Thanks very much!!! I didn't expect a reply so quickly. Both Chrome and Firefox showed a screen like this (attached). Firefox let me continue but the page still didn't work. Maybe it worked for you because you're logged in? Don't know... I'm planning on making boxes for my GOG collection... http://www.gogcovers.com/
  4. Could someone upload those Photoshop actions from the first post over here? That 1drv.ms link doesn't work anymore.
  5. That's not the software's fault... games in the Game Collector database are added by the users - just like with LB. Maybe they're slower adding them? Or less Indie players? When I couldn't find a game in GC, I'd just add another one and change it into the one I want. ;-)
  6. Not really. I want to move to Launchbox because it supports local videos & screenshots on the details page. But in general Game Collector has a lot of features that are missing in launchbox ('complete' list view (e.g. title sorting working, edit in place), html formatting in description, batch correction of missing links, import/export (e.g. html export), .... etc.
  7. teceem

    Gog icons

    It would be nice if someone with a big collection of installed (!!) GOG games would upload them somewhere. I have 400+ GOG games (22 installed*), but installing them all just to get the .ico files is crazy! *Anyway, here are mine: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/t1gu8wog97vtfhh/AACnoRBcg1v2bWwmLxq4sYU_a?dl=0
  8. Just discovered that too... Looking forward to the updated List View!
  9. Ideally, I'd like it above the description, separate from the screenshots. But this is already a huge improvement! Thanks a lot, spycat! edit: has the following been requested yet? I'd like the pictures on the details pane to be scaled (up or down) to a maximum width (px). Preferably a custom setting per type...
  10. When I read around on this forum I have the impression that there's a big majority here that uses Launchbox as a ROM launcher. I on the other hand am hoping it can replace Collectorz Game Collector as my games database front end. A while ago I sent a feature request to Collectorz asking for a possibility to add local videos (instead of just a youtube player) to the games "details" page. The answer I got was pretty off-putting: "nobody wants that, and they're focusing on "the cloud". Since I dislike everything DRM (I can't view a video from within my database if I'm offline or the youtube video is removed), LB seems like a possible perfect replacement! So I'd like a way to import my Collectorz database (txt, xml, csv). I'm sure I'm not the only one that has made the move to LB from some other database (program)? I have 2 collections in Collectorz: my boxed PC games and my GOG collection. I made a crude conversion of my GOG database by scanning the installation exe files in my GOG folder, but transferring all my manual additions would be a giant undertaking... So I'm not only asking for a simple import, but also to import data in an existing LB database (e.g. replace the LB descriptions with the descriptions from a csv file). I've seen this request (or something like it) on this forum somewhere, but it was an old topic. Is this really a low priority? Are "database converts" such a small minority that the LB developer doesn't want to invest time in it? And something else: how about adding the front cover to the details pane? (especially for when viewing in list mode). And the Box - Front reconstructed should be view-able as a replacement for Box - Front for all those digital-only releases!
  11. "Assigning" sounds a bit extreme. The moderators themselves know what platform they're interested in - a moderation platform selection in the account options sounds like a good idea to me.
  12. I'd like to help out with moderation - but I'm thinking of giving up if I keep getting these gameboy/playstation/whatever console platform titles... I play DOS/Windows games exclusively and have little interest in all else. I'd like to be offered only these platforms for moderation. This is just a request, not the start of a "discussion" about which platform is "best".
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