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  1. I read through the thread and saw that someone explained how to get it working using RocketLauncher. I don’t have any experience using the program, but it seems pretty straightforward to set up. 4DO is great, but Phoenix runs Alone in the Dark, which 4DO has audio issues with. Plus it’s actively being developed compared to 4DO (which hasn’t been updated in almost two years), and it’s now the best Jaguar emulator from what I’ve read.
  2. Has anyone figured out commands to get Phoenix working with Launchbox?
  3. When I first tried the theme some of the platforms weren't showing up. Maddoc1007 had responded with a solution. Maybe it will work in your case.
  4. I'm having an issue where some of the platforms are still showing the default banner and random fan art for the background rather than the images included with the theme. Most of the platforms are perfect, so I'm not sure why just a handful of them aren't correct.
  5. That makes sense. I changed the setting in LaunchBox thinking it would affect Big Box. Everything seems to be working so far. Thanks.
  6. I recently downloaded videos for the first time and now I'm having issues with them in Big Box, The first issue I noticed is some videos don't appear. If I select the next video and then go back, the video usually will appear. This happens randomly across all platforms. Next, videos frequently change size, causing them to appear zoomed in. Like the previous issue, if I select the next video and then go back, the video usually returns to the correct ratio. Finally, sometimes as I scroll through videos, the audio from the previous video doesn't stop playing, so the audio becomes stacked. This do
  7. This thread has been really helpful, but I still have one more issue. How do you handle multiple regions? Right now I manually change it, but I don't want to do that once I have SSF integrated with LaunchBox. I figure I could have three versions of SSF with each set to either America, Europe, or Japan, and then point LaunchBox to the correct one depending on the region of the game. Is there an easier way? Maybe some kind of multi-region bios or hack?
  8. I'm tweaking my LaunchBox setup and have a few questions: 1. Is there a way to manually arrange the platform list? As far as I can tell it can only be listed alphabetically. I'd like to customize how the consoles are arranged. 2. In BigBox, can I force the preview image beneath the box art to only be a screenshot, and is there a way to set one specific screenshot to always display? 3 How do I set a specific Retroarch core per game? For example, a few Sega CD games require the 32X to run, so I need those games to use PicoDrive. Everything else can use Genesis Plus GX. Thanks.
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