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  1. i left them in the original path. but the odd thing is i have all games like this also the working systems. folder- in that. a folder for every system- so the path isnt that different and all other works. its the same for my emulators one folder with sub folders for every system Edit tried to import into lunchbox folder didnt help. edit i tried right clicking on the game and said open 4do. and it did so emulator path isnt the issue
  2. ..\emulationstation\.emulationstation\systems\4DO_1.3.2.4\4DO.exe default command line parameters --StartFullScreen -StartLoadFile Sample command 4DO.exe --StartFullScreen -StartLoadFile "File" it wont launch at allCry
  3. Jason Carr said Hi ALIE, any chance you changed your Steam privacy settings? Also, be 100% sure that you're using the right Steam Custom URL. Steam makes it stupid confusing because it's different from your user name and anything else.
    <br got it working not sure what i did differentlyLaugh i copy pasted every attempt but i guess something wasn't right but thanks for a quick reply
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