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  1. Morning fellow Arcadian's As the title points out I currently have an issue with my Xbox Wireless Controller (Bluetooth) with connection to the emulator WinUAE (current version v3.4.0), when launching through Launchbox (current version as of 28/02/17). I currently have Launchbox setup to launch all my emulators and games via Rocketlauncher (current version v1.0.1.10 with latest driver updates as of 28/02/17). Now all the other emulators I have installed and setup through Rocketlauncher work without a hitch with my Xbox Wireless Controller. I have read up that WinUAE is susceptible to issues with the Xbox Wireless Controller via bluetooth and in order to get round this you need to put the following parameter '-norawhid' in at execution. I have tried this on the standalone WinUAE (applied to the icon startup parameter field), and this works perfectly with the Xbox Wireless Controller. However I cannot seem to pass the '-norawhid' within the Launchbox emulator setup area for Rocketlauncher. Just to explain how I have setup Launchbox with Rocketlauncher a bit more clearly. I have Rocketlauncher as my only emulator for all the associated systems/platforms that I use in Launchbox and within the 'Associated Platforms' field in Launchbox I pass the following command line to Rocketlauncher: -f "Z:\Launchbox\Launchbox,exe" -p RocketLauncherUI -s "Commodore Amiga" -r This command then works in conjunction with the Rocketlauncher's setup for the platform (i.e.), 'Commodore Amiga' which I have left as default...due to the complexity of Rocketlauncher and my shameful small understanding of this beast!! Now I have tried placing the parameter '-norawhid' into this commandline, but it does not register on the excution of WinUAE via Rocketlauncher and as mentioned my understanding of Rocketlauncher is severely limit. I cannot seem to understand how to enter additional parameters to the WinUAE (Commodore Amiga), platform in Rocketlauncher at all....aaaahhh!!!! As I've mentioned above this setup works with no problems with all the other platforms setup with Launchbox/Rocketlauncher - so my question (which I can appreciate may be more a Rocketlauncher forum topic!), has anyone else had this issue of passing the '-norawhid' parameter in a similar scenario and succeeded or can anyone shed a light on my frustration due to my limited abilities here?? Many thanks in advance - Chris C. Software used version recap: Launchbox - v7.7 Rocketlauncher - v1.0.1.10 + Latest Drivers WinUAE - v3.4.0
  2. Thanks for the replies guy's appreciate the feedback. In the interim I've just started adding the games individually/manually after I created the 'PC' platform. This way I can sort out the game fields separately....I was just being a lazy arse yesterday! Thanks again C.
  3. Afternoon fellow LB's As the title suggests I trying to add my collection of windows games to LB. Is they an easy import option I am missing or do I have to create a new platform manually (PC) and add the games individually? I've tried the import 'Windows Games', but it comes back with nothing to import...also noticed it doesn't seem to ask what drive/folder to look in for the scan. Finally I don't have a steam account to reference either. Any help/advice would be appreciated. Cheers Chris.
  4. Hey Craig, Many thanks for the response and assist....I'll crack on with this and hopefully get the magic going!!!
  5. craiganderson said added Fix-It Felix Jr ....among others.... Hey Craig, Any advice as to where a noob can get guidance with setting up/integrating of Rocketlauncher with Launchbox? Cheers Chris C.
  6. Afternoon fellow arcadians, I have recently heard of this new very interesting front-end system, which I have to say looks a lot easier then another system out there....for none tech-savvy ppl wanting to create a great HTPC arcade front-end. However I have been trying to get Launchbox to work with various systems of my childhood, such as, WinVice (C64) and WinUAE (Amiga)...and I've had very little success with database scraping the right naming/imagery etc. I have been reading that the Rocketlauncher integration is a possible solution to this issue....(unless I am a complete noob and cannot see the forest for the trees!?). Can anyone offer an insight as to whether integrating RL through LB is the more appropriate avenue to proceed down...or shall I try and prevail with just Launchbox itself. Any advice or guidance would be most appreciated! Cheers Chris C.
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