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  1. Hi guys ! My setup of Launchbox/Bigobox is all fine on my computer and I can launch all platforms and play my games without any issues. Things get annoying for me when I want to play my games on my Tv through HDMI. Here is why : I can play all games when I use stand alone emulators (snex9, yabause, epsxe, etc.) except when I choose to play them through Retroarch. This multiplatform emulator works fine when I use it on my computer but crashes when my computer is connected through hdmi to my tv ! I searched on the forums and googled this problem but no one seems to have that issue Can anyone please help me solve this problem since I don’t want to configure stand alone emulator for each platform. It’s a lot more convenient to play my games and platforms using just retroarch Thanks in advance for your help
  2. Merry Chrismas! Thanks for this awesome frontend ;)
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