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  1. You are welcome man and thanks for testing it!! I want to make it stable and I definitely want to squash this memory problem that's driving me nuts. If it wasn't for it, those recent bugs would not be there :-/
  2. @quazlI opened your zinc.xml file and it's not like the Launchbox tag is not closing, but rather closing in the wrong place! It's closing between the Additional Applications and custom fields sessions instead of the end of the file. Weird. I will definitely take a look and find a safer way to close that tag.
  3. Yeah, seems related to the new way I implemented to create those xml files. All those changes I am making are always trying to avoid "out of memory" errors that are a plague!!!! I mean, Lightspeed needs to deal with very large files and it's being a challenge to be able to do it while keeping it fast, as it requires those files to stay resident good part of the time. I'm constantly flushing memory, increasing memory usage per variable etc and it's still hard to make things work correctly. I liked the previous implementation and seems like people were not having those corruption errors anymore,
  4. You said it's happening with all platforms?
  5. It looks related to the changes on the way it re-assembles the files at the end. Are you running LS as admin? Can you please zip your Launchbox\data folder and send it to me? Thanks!
  6. New release: v0.183 Beta10 (3/19/2017) Installer: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B23vaxsfSk1yS1NCQUJmUmZHaVU Zip FIle: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B23vaxsfSk1yc21FSkhxanNwblk Change log: Paths Tab - There's now a dedicated emulator path for Demul - CHD, ROM and Software List folders can now be separated. Since those changes affect your current ini file, you should get an ERROR on both of those fields. Please just browse for the correct folders (if you are going to use them), then close and re-open Lightspeed to get everything parsed correctly. Options Tab - Under "E
  7. I fixed a bunch of things related to that. I would wait for the new release, happening between today and tomorrow!
  8. Glad it's solved! About the out of memory problem, I changed the way I was exporting the lists. I was loading everything into memory to speed up the process, but then it's just too much to be handled, so instead I decided to use a "type file1.txt >> file2.txt" comspec under the hood, so instead of having to read into memory and then append the contents to a new file, it simply appends it without a big impact into memory. It will be in the new version and in my tests it adds very little time in relation to the old way, but vastly improves memory saving. Still, exporting a full library (65
  9. Can you post a screenshot of your options, filtersA and filtersB tabs? To get certain systems to import you will need to check all statuses for example (good, imperfect and preliminary) and make sure you are not forcing Lightspeed to match artwork you might not have in your system, by unchecking all options on the right column of your options tab. Next version will come soon and have a ton of fixes in it as well, so if this turn out to be an actual bug I will definitely look at it before releasing the next version!
  10. Ha! No worries. I am kind of an old fart myself
  11. And guys, any problem happening after using Lightspeed, please don't bother Jason! Bring it to my attention first and only ask Jason if after further examination it is indeed Launchbox related. This is a sideload app and Jason has no responsibility fixing any mess created by it! It's a beta and it might break things before we get it nice and stable. Thanks for testing!!!
  12. @Jason Carr, nah, feel free to call me out any time! I am the one hacking into your files, man It's very possible that Lightsped did it since it's a new feature not fully tested. I believe my work in progress version already addressed that issue, but it's in development now. For now just make sure to backup things, especially if merging with existing libraries! Fix will come, together with new features and possibly new bugs
  13. I just researched your monitor by the serial at the top and it's Wells Gardner 27' that indeed goes to SVGA (800x600). Try switching your resolution to SVGA! What are you using to play it in 15khz and 31khz? ArcadeVGA? Soft15khz? GroovyMame? If you are using one of those and setting MAME to automatically generate the correct signal, switching your monitor to 800x600 will not mess anything, at least when it comes to MAME!
  14. @quazlThanks! Hey, looking at the image seems like your monitor is running at 640x480, right? I mean, it's missing a big chunk of the GUI!!! I tweaked the size a bit more trying to accommodate it based on your previous request, but it only improved the view for 800x600, which is unfortunately the minimum size I can go to accommodate everything My arcade monitor is a Betson/Kortek Multi-sync, so it runs fine at 800x600. I have it for over 9 years now and the image still look pristine! Can your monitor do 800x600 as well or is it stuck to 640x480? I really cannot do anything below 800x600.
  15. Everybody wins! I remember when I posted Lightspeed at MameWorld and one of the MAME developers complained about me creating those dummies, so I always felt guilty about cheating it so we could play the games
  16. @kmoneyI never added support for videos, because it is supposed to work just like a fast, pretty basic front-end, just for testing purposes. The marquees should show though!
  17. Btw: go watch Kong:Skull Island! My baby is on the big screen!
  18. @djrobx, glad it's working for you! I am making a lot of improvements on the Overrides by list that you mentioned. Soon you will be able to drop simple lists in .txt format into folders. select any number of them from the GUI and Lightspeed will take them in consideration while filtering or you can use the override checkbox to force all of them to be imported. Lightspeed will use the file names to name the platforms. This way you can have any number of custom platforms created, merged, etc. All information will be parsed, clones can be added as additional apps for any platform, Launchbox gameI
  19. Definitely not! Thanks for notifying me!
  20. Yeah, the main purpose of creating those dummy roms is just to satisfy a limitation in Launchbox. You should suggest that to Jason because that's a super easy fix for him. The way I coded the dummy roms is to only create dummies for CHDs which don't have an associated .zip (or.7z), so there's no override. When you delete those dummies using the lightspeed function, they are checked against a criteria so only the dummies are deleted instead of actual roms. I could add that feature without too much trouble, but I am really hoping that Jason can fix that problem. The "Use file name only without e
  21. @Pacman56, good catch. This has been fixed and it will be in the next version. I am a little tangled on a bug I found and it's taking me a little while to fix it. I will release a new version once I fix it. A lot of the problems I see are related to how inconsistent support files are. I had to write a good chunk of code just to counter all the possible variations found in History.dat. Then there's the way Launchbox DB doesn't use the exact same descriptions as MAME does at times. Then there's MAME itself, that lists lots of software list games which are playable, even with a few glitches as
  22. Not like I will not compromise though I will add the drop-down menu, so that will be pretty straight forward for any newbie to simple select the available options from it and the list will populate accordingly. I just need those lists in txt format, exactly like you find inside of the All Killer No Filler folder that comes packaged with Lightspeed. The fucntion is kinda buried as it is, so the drop-down menu will help. Actually, a combo box will be even better, because that way you can select one, all or any number of lists at once. -Kris
  23. @CriticalCid, this starts to get too specific I believe. Lightspeed is a tool for MAME. It is flexible enough for you to be able to generate lists for other emulators as well, but I would not make a change just because Demul to be honest. I found some bugs that were causing corruption of platforms generated by using the drivers and by roms/lists/files and I believe I fixed it, so you will be able to simply point it to a demul list, check the overwrite filters box and it will create a platform with all necessary games for you. That's the whole point for me to create that option. You could cre
  24. @Pacman56, just by quickly looking at the list without being at the computer I can tell you that the vast majority, if not all, are CHDs. I will take a look. Thanks!
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