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  1. Hey guys can you help me i've been trying to follow the instructions for this great theme but i'm having problems. when i start bigbox the platform videos show and not the smart ones in the video. I get this But i want this Any help would be great for this newbie lol
  2. Wow that worked, i thought this had to be set for zipped games?
  3. I'm sure its correct but mame is new to me. My settings
  4. Hey guys i'm trying to setup mame in Launchbox with Retroarch but its not working. I have MAME 0.205 ROMs (split) set zipped, used the import Mame Arcade Full Set option in tool/import & followed the instructions but when i launch a game i just get game loading screen then back to LaunchBox. I'm new to mame and not sure what Retroarch core i should be using for this mame set i have. I can load a rom from my romset from inside RetroArch but not in Launchbox.Any help would be great.
  5. Sorted it, it was as easy as changing 0 to 1 on a line in the cpce cconfig file in the emulator IMAGE_FULLSCREEN=1 then adding $Esc::{Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}}} in launchbox auto hot key to exit.
  6. No one use CPCE emulator in Launcbox, just can't get it to run full screen at launch.
  7. Hey guys i've set up CPCE emulator in launchbox and it runs but only in window mode. Is there a command-line for full screen and script for exit.
  8. No i didn't, working now. I've been used to doing the unzipping in rocketlauncher. Thanks dude
  9. Hi i've just moved from using rocketlauncher & Launchbox to just Launchbox but can't get my 7zipped dreamcast to play. I'm setup to use standalone Redream as shown on the youtube video Emulating Dreamcast Using ReDream - LaunchBox Tutorial but all i get when launching a game is game loading then back to Launchbox. I've got my snes and genesis games 7zipped and they launch fine.
  10. Hi i've been trying to setup Atari 5200 using kat5200-0.8.1.zip (Win32 zip), I tried to get this emulator working outside launchbox first but all i get is a black screen and i have to ctrl, alt and delete to exit. any ideas guys.
  11. Thanks guys, it was Bullguard deleting the LaunchBox beta files. I turned off Antivirus, Firewall and Vulnerabilities installed the beta of LaunchBox then enabled the bullguard settings and all was good.
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